In celebration of the New Year I wanted to share a week of simple healthy vegan meal prep ideas and recipes! Hope you guys enjoy! Containers UK :http://amzn.to/2D93AkE Containers USA: http://amzn…


  1. Eyebrows on fleek

  2. Lindsey McLaughlin

    Gotta make those lentil balls!!!!

  3. Thumbs up. Liked? I loved it! I can already see my food expense going down. Thank you and yes do more if you have the ideas.

  4. Your eyebrows are everything #ThickEyebrowGang

  5. I'm looking to cut out meat but not sure if i can cut out fish. This will be a big transition for me. With regards to the almond milk I don't like the taste, in fact I don't like any milk as i find it upsets my stomach and the smell and taste is aweful for me. Except I can just about tolerate coconut milk as it doesn't really have any flavour or taste. Can I use this instead with the porridge?

  6. what is your homemade granola recipe???

  7. New subscriber from Virginia USA. I ran across your vid with your two meat eating buddies, purely by accident. I've been binge watching since! I'm a fairly new vegan and I love your meal prep ideas. Have you tried to make your own seitan. It's so easy and you can create your own flavors. Love your vibe and energy ! You need to be on t.v.!!

  8. You are so great!!!!!!!!!!!Love your dressings and salads!

  9. "and they are delicious if i do say so myself" lol loved the video…great ideas

  10. If you juice a lemon or lime on your avocado it keeps it from turning as quick.

  11. Thanks for the ideas! The quinoa salad looks really good. I want to make some for lunch today. 🙂

  12. I stumbled across your videos this week and now I can't get enough! Subscribed instantly. I'm vegetarian and just needed a push to go vegan, did my weekly shop yesterday and didn't buy a single animal product. It's so fab having a UK girl doing her thaaaang cause I can actually find all of the ingredients you use! xxx

  13. awesome!

  14. great idea, I will do this with my quinoa

  15. Loved it! those lentil balls yay! thank you for sharing! xx

  16. I’m a new follower transitioning to the vegan life. Love your channel and the recipes!

  17. I can't find the recipe for the pasta :[

  18. Just subscribed…You are so entertaining and beautiful…Your vibe is so wavy…

  19. This video was on point!!! Love it, keep em coming! ❤️

  20. Elizabeth SmartyPlants

    Yum these look great!

  21. You’re amazing! new subscriber. Great receipes! X

  22. This is my first time here on your channel, and your recipes look lovely!

  23. i have just written down nie recipe for that salad and i'm definitely going to make this tomorrow ;D thanks!

  24. Loved this

  25. Great recipes. It’s uncommon that I would eat all the recipes in a compilation video as this. There is usually one thing I’m like no thanks, but I’d eat everything your presented. I’m definitely going to make the quinoa salad, but with some teriyaki sauce or soy sauce. I’ve been following you but I made sure to put my notifications on so I don’t miss since YT has its own way with suggested videos and such.

  26. I needed this video!! Thanks chic!!

  27. Where did you get the containers from?

  28. I’m just completing veganuary and finding salads to be the easiest thing to make.. will be trying the lentil balls ❤️

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