Easy & Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas | lunch & dinner

Click here for 2 free months of Skillshare (first 500 people to click the link) : https://skl.sh/yt-livb The watercolour course I took was called: “Drawing & Painting …


  1. Neha Shrivastava

    pls do this makeup look ure wearing….

  2. Seriously don’t understand why people apologize for messy hair (which it’s not) and some YTers for not wearing makeup. Who cares?

  3. Viktorija Krasovska

    u should stop apologizing for your looks or background conditions, no one would notice if u didnt point it out 😀

  4. My dear, I pray you have a safe summer! And great recipes!

  5. The almond/soy sauce suits very well w/tofu. Thank u 4the video

  6. Your 'hot mess' hair is the hair I try to have each day lmao

  7. would these recipes be good if i am trying to lose weight?

  8. Courtney Marie

    Healthy for me definitely means balance. I used to be so strict with food, everything had to be super clean, no more than a few ingredients. I was scared if I ate certain things I'd gain weight or get sick. That was not healthy!

  9. Whenever I see LIV'S posted a new video I get soo excited!!!!!!! Makes my morning 🙂

  10. Looks so good

  11. Steliana Jasmine

    Those veggies don't look cooked to me

  12. BrunetteBeauty962

    these look so good omg

  13. Is the coconut milk flavour in currys etc very present? I am not a fan of coconut

  14. SPAGHETTI,you ‘ve cooked S P A G H E T T I!! Stop colling them “noodles,it’s so annoying!
    you have a big confusion to distinguish food and where it comes from…

  15. Can I substitute the whole fat coconut milk for something with less fat? My body doesn't like as much fat. It's painful.

  16. Caro Collingwood

    waiiiit so what you call noodles is what we call spaghetti in the UK…. I swear that's spaghetti :')

  17. I love the way your recipies aren't to crazy healthy, no offence to extremly healthy vegan youtubers but i cannot be so healthy haha

  18. Totally agree with your idea of healthy! I love youu❤

  19. spunkyfunkygal545

    hi, i might be overstepping my boundaries here but did you and pawel break up or sth? i hardly ever see him in your videos anymore. i hope things are okay.

  20. the almond butter stir fry veggie really reminds me of an indonesian dish called gado gado but a healthier version of it. definitely gonna give it a try later!

  21. ilovemakeupp04

    what brand of frozen green beans did you use?? i never find green means that small and thin!

  22. Jessica Lychees

    The painting is amazing! Great job <3

  23. HearkenToTheSilence

    Wow, your painting is amazing! 🙂

  24. Simple and delicious recipes like this are my favourite! Thank you for sharing Liv 🙂

  25. Hi liv! I’m very new to Asian and Thai type of sauces. Would it be possible to comment on what kind of “heat” each one has? Because of a medication I take my mouth will blister with very hot sauces and avoid them like the plague! Thanks a bunch!

  26. editing goals

  27. Jenna Williams

    Ummmmm wow girl you look GREAT in green what the heck

  28. Mandi Procknow

    NOOOOO!!! Sweetie do not ever apologize for "how" you look!!! Us women/men should NEVER say 'sorry' if we don't look "perfect". Celebrate it babe!!! I would love to hear in the next video you saying "Yeah I have been in the lake every day! I feel great!!! I hope all of you do too taking care of yourself and loving yourself!". Cheers Lovely xoxoxo

  29. So much more respect that you DIDN'T doll up before filming and gave preference to the 'Lake Water Do!

    And LOVE the recipes!

  30. I love that you use maple syrup in everything it’s really funny

  31. We aren't here for your looks.

  32. Your hair looks pretty beautiful for a "hot mess" lol….if I had a lake nearby I'd be in it every day too! Keep on sharing that great food and I'll always watch!

  33. Never apologize for the way you look to other people. You owe no one anything. Especially when the reason you look like a “hot mess” is because you’re living it up in the summer. Your hair looks natural and just fine!

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