Easy Dinner Recipes for Meatless Monday

3 easy dinner ideas that will please vegans and meat eaters alike! My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesarahsullivan/


  1. Can you please tell me which is the knife you using and where can I buy it ??

  2. It's Wuster Sauce you don't pronounce the whole Worcestershire

  3. Ok, I believe that the second recipe is good, but I'm Italian and we don't cook it like thiiiiisssss (even if it is vegan)!

  4. Love this channel!

  5. Ame Von Frankenstein

    i swear i saw the second one in cooking academy

  6. "asian inspired" as if there aren't like 50 different countries in asia each with UNIQUE cuisines. if you mean chinese just say chinese lmao

  7. I need exact measurements! I'm a new cook so winging it only makes things terrible 🙁 I am not a good judge by any means.

  8. everything looked soooo goood!!!

  9. Vegan Family Journey

    thanks so much for the great ideas

  10. Ewww whole wheat buns. Blegh

  11. a good way to bread things is to use one hand for the wet mix and the other for the dry flour and breadcrumbs!

  12. having never eaten a lot of meat before ever going plant based i can't get it through my head there ard that many omnivores that eat meat daily that "meatless monday" is even a thing

  13. Is there any substitute for any nutritional yeast? It's very expensive in my country!

  14. the quality of your videos are so nice 🙂

  15. You are doing an amazing job keeping these videos fresh and delicious.
    Thank you !!

  16. I love watching you! I love your recipes and videos. Your vids make me calm ..haha for some reason. I am not vegan, but planning to go vegan for 1-2 weeks or just changing up few meals. Thanks for your vids! 🙂

  17. such realistic and yummy recipes!!! i have been in such a rut and am trying my hardest to inspire my boyfriend to go back to being vegan with me but lately my meals have been so disgusting. aka not doing a great job getting him on the vegan bandwagon. so THANK YOU!

  18. Tried the eggplant today….. sooooooooo good!

  19. Just discovered your channel, I watched at least 10 videos and I really love your recipes 🙂 I'm vegan but I don't eat very healthy, because I'm lazy and I don't take the time to cook, but obviously I'm trying to eat better and your recipes really are going to help 😉 Thank you for sharing !!

  20. great ideas great edit and great voice over. love your channel!

  21. I've been vegan for a little over a month now and I'm making the eggplant parmesan today for dinner. I taste tested 2 earlier and OMG THEY'RE DELICIOUS!! Thank you so much Sarah for showing this great recipe!! 😀

  22. Hey! I just subscribed to your channel and have been binge watching your vids! I have recently become vegetarian and wondering to make the transition to veganism! Any tips??

  23. I hope the Worchester sauce was vegan.

  24. keep up the good work 🙂

  25. The eggplant parmesan looked so yummy! I can't wait to try and make it

  26. omg <3

  27. These recipes look so delicious! I'm sooooo making them.

  28. Hi! Definetely trying this soon! My friends will love the sloppy Joe's! One question, could you do a video on dressings? I always play with them in the kitchen but I would love more ideas

  29. I think the recipes are awesome but you put too many vegan ingredients in it, what I mean by that is things like nutritional yeast, coconut sugar, and things nonvegan people won't have in the house. maybe make one with more traditional ingredients? just something to think about

  30. What brand of vegan cheese do you use?

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