Easy Brown Rice Recipes | Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

Easy, healthy brown rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Apple Pie Brown Rice Bowl, Black Bean and Brown Rice Bowl, + Veggie Fried Brown Rice. Sponsored …


  1. I made the lunch bowl today and it was delicious. I will definately make that more often since I have a hard time adding beans to my diet.

  2. Wow, I am so glad I found you!! I've been looking for healthy meals that my family would not find "boring". I think they will be excited for family meals again!!!

  3. U never disappoint Dani!!!

  4. thanks that helped a lot XOXO

  5. brown rice makes me bloated and not loose weight. Does anyone else feel this way?

  6. cant wait to try the breakfast one!

  7. young victoria fashion

    These are really amazing receipes for 3 different meals.. I never thought about inserting rice in my breakfast, I usually make either whole grain serials with milk and dried fruits and nuts, or oatmeal cooked with milk.

  8. I loved this video! Can you make a meal prep video too???

  9. Lovely!
    Thank you!

  10. Am I the only one who has trouble with brown anything? As much as I would love to eat whole-grains and substitute brown rice for white rice, I tend to have uncomfortable stomach issues such as colicky pain. White rice is easier to digest for me and doesn't cause any trouble.. sometimes when I would eat barely/quinoa I would feel sick to my stomach :/ Same thing happens with whole-wheat bread, I just can't tolerate it. No, I do not have celiac disease.

  11. this recipe are good, but it's gonna be hard for Peter Parker

  12. Weight watcher chick with grace

    They look so wonderful

  13. so glad i found your channel!

  14. nice video, can you do some healthy low sodium foods please?

  15. I'm making all three of these minus the egg. I'm making the rice and beans tomorrow and take advantage of my last avocado, lol. Thanks for the recipes Dani!!! :)

  16. Is it good for diabetic people?

  17. they all look yummy. I hope you do a top 5 recipes of 2016❤

  18. I Just had dinner and already Want to Make these receipes thanks Danie

  19. Nice. But I hate cooked fruit of any kind lol .. Plus I liked your other brown rice recipes. From before more than these.

  20. Hey Dani I bought a quince at the grocery store, can you feature how to prepare this??? I always like to pick up something I never tried 🙂 thanks

  21. Mariela R.Martinez

    mmm! I really need this since I am trying to eat clean

  22. I cooked a huge Crock pot full of brown rice yesterday…going to pull out my leftovers and mix up some of the lunch recipe now, dice up a red pepper in place of the tomato. yum!

  23. Apple Pie Brown rice breakfast bowl? .. Her genius knows no bounds.

  24. That fried rice looks great, and my partner is just obsessed with fried rice. I'll have to try this out! Thanks so much.

  25. would u ever do what i eat in a day videos as that would be really helpfull x

  26. Oh! Dani, I have made almost all of your recipes and each one has been so delicious. I absolutely love brown rice (prefer it over white), so when I saw that these were 3 different brown rice recipes, I was jumping for joy. Thank you so much for sharing, I just think you are AMAZING!!!!

  27. Amanda Reynolds-Gregg

    Interesting. I never would have thought to use brown rice for breakfast. Thanks for the new video!

  28. No offense to the lovers of rice, because I used to eat rice practically daily.  You would have thought I was Chinese!  But, once I discovered quinoa and the fact that has more nutritional value than rice, I sub in quinoa whenever possible.  These recipes looks great!  I can't wait to try them!

  29. I have some leftover brown rice in the fridge right now and am excited to use it w one of these recipes!

  30. When are you gonna be on the Food Network?!

  31. oh my, I've already cooked dinner but you make me way to skip right to breakfast already…these all' look delicious!!

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