Easy Asian Stir Fry Vegetable VERMICELLI Noodle Recipe

This is a quick and easy Asian / Chinese stir fry vegetable vermicelli. I’ll show you how to rehydrate the vermicelli noodles. You can add chicken or shrimp or any …


  1. Tristana Fitzgerald

    I am trying new recipes and love noodle dishes and found yours online. I will be preparing it for the weekend. This dish looks great and can't wait to try it. 🙂

  2. timtim nicebutdim

    Look's Great! I'm going to serve this with sticky pork belly

  3. Hey , what can I replace the oyster sauce with ? (I'm vegetarian )

  4. Looks yummy and would like to know if you can use cooked Angel hair, or Vermicelli "pasta" instead of the chinese pasta? Also is it possible to reduce the salt content? Thanks.

  5. my vermicelli came out transparent , did I over cook

  6. Pronounced "Vermichelli"

  7. Very nice and easy. Thanks for your recipe

  8. lifebeyondrepair

    the vermicelli were all broken. you need higher heat since the egg should not stick to the pan. you need to heat the hell out of the vegetables, chill them with the sauce and then add the noodles while finishing the dish.

  9. can you omit the egg??

  10. Hi I like your recipe please I would like to text me your recipe ( writing) because I don't understand some ingredients thank you

  11. Looks delicious! I always shy away from oyster sauce because I'm not a seafood lover at all (fish and chips here only hehe!) But, when incorporated in with other ingredients, does it actually not taste very fishy? I'm sure it gives it a umami type thing I am probably sadly missing…..

  12. Thanks very much to take your time and make this video ❤️❤️very easy and slow explain thanks again

  13. for how many person the recipe is?

  14. The you tubers vs you tubers

    It was very helpful thx!!!!

  15. I love that you are not using meat so it can pair nicely with a protein:)

  16. wow that fish looks so good… i want to try it 🙁

  17. I cook this all the time. I LOVE IT. Had it last night and am making it again tonight. Last night i replaced the vermicelli with 2 packets of Oriental raman noodles and added one of the oriental season packs. It was amazing.
    Thank you for posting this recipe.

  18. I just got a new BBQ that has a wok burner and I can't wait to try this recipe.

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