EASY AND DELICIOUS VEGAN MEALS | 5 Simple Beginner Recipes

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  1. WOO it's been a while! Hope you guys' like the new set up in our new kitchen! OH and before I receive a hundred more comments about using the blunt edge of the knife on the chopping board, I promise you I am! It may just not look like it in the video because of the bright lighting and also the shape of the knives. But they're expensive knives so I am being very careful with them 😉 Here are all of the recipes feature in today's video:

    super easy super green pasta // https://bit.ly/2H7DofO
    spicy fajita bowl // https://bit.ly/2SNGjeR
    nut and seed porridge // https://bit.ly/2M8gWSF
    mango & coconut chickpea curry // https://bit.ly/2Fo2kxT
    easy lentil ragu // https://bit.ly/2RnvO5m

    Happy Veganuary!

  2. i freakin want to have that ragu!!! what can i sub for red lentils? 🙁 🙁 i can't find it here in the Philippines

  3. Dein Groesster Fan

    i still cry in pain everytime you use the sharp side of your knifes to push down what ever was on your cutting board. please please please don't do that! – i love your videos too much, so please don't make me endure this for much longer <3

  4. MethodstomyMadness

    yum!! can't wait to try these out for uni lunches ❤️

  5. The music and the sound of chopping is crazy! I love it

  6. Beautifully done!

  7. I found your channel last year when I decided to go vegan and your recipes have made it such an amazing experience! I have loved every single one of the meals i've made and I can't wait to try all of these too. Thank you so much for your hard work and tasty vegan recipes!

  8. I love the recipes but have to fast forward when you eat. The mic is on so loud. The chewing sound will give me nightmares tonight

  9. Oh man, I shout I'M NOT A MUGGLE at my boyfriend all the time. The struggle is real!

  10. Is the balsamic glaze and maple syrup necessary? I can't find it at my local stores

  11. Made the curry last night for the first meal in our new apartment – it was possibly one of the best things I’ve ever made. So fresh and balanced. Thanks gal!

  12. Love the mango coconut chickpea curry idea!

  13. Love oumph meats!!!!!

  14. the set up for the intro is beautiful!

  15. these all look blooooody fantastic. im kinda of scared of chickpeas after once making an awful meal with them but that curry looks glorious omg i will have to try it out. thank you so much for making these videos xxxx

  16. You have the bessstttt music in your videos.. that, plus throw in the crystal clear sounds and your personality (incl tasting the food and bits where you just talk with music down) and voila – the most unique style out there.. but again .that music (on all your cooking videos) – best.. i'd love if you listed the titles!

  17. The mango coconut chickpea curry though <3

  18. I hate coriander (the soap flavour), do you have a suggestion what other herbs I could use on these lovely recipes?

  19. New knives!!! There's nothing like a sharp knife to make cooking a breeze.

  20. Ahh, I love your recipes! Never stop. This is amazing and delicious!

  21. There's so many delicious looking recipes in this video. I want to try all of them! 😉

  22. in the fajita recipe you could also add in beans to sub for meat, or portabella mushrooms for a meaty replacement!

  23. I really love that you have new knives but pleeeese don't use the sharp side for scraping stuff from the board! Only the sound already hurts my soul 🙁 Just turn it over and it'll be alright.

  24. You have such a down to earth channel, no weird alien ingredients you can only find on the dark web(which happens a lot with vegan food channels). A wonderful place to start your vegan journey. The first pasta looks delicious!!! they all do but I just love the pesto-like taste it has. I'm trying it later today:)

  25. Madeline! Do not scrape the knife across the cutting board like that or else they will become blunt again very quickly!

  26. PS. I also added some powdered moringa. It worked out well!

  27. I made the red lentil spaghetti sauce and it's the best vegan rendition ever. It depends on the herbs. I went to get the bay leaves. There were none. Who is not letting the grocery list know this? Hubby? And then I went to go for the herbs mix, thinking they were Provence style…nope, camomile, licorice,…what? So I added dried oregano, thyme, parsley, and hoped for the best. The best was made! Thank you for that meal. My mother brought me up on her style spaghetti which had hamburger and it was one of the few meals she made over and over again. So naturally, I was looking for raw and cooked vegan counterparts, but this is even better!

  28. madeleine's aesthetically pleasing recipe videos with great soundtracks > all other recipe videos. will definitely be trying these recipes ! your vids have made veganism so much easier. congrats on your new house!!!

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