Easy 7-ingredient meals » vegan + quick

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  1. First time I watched .. video was toooo fast

  2. Where do you shop for your groceries and ingredients?

  3. This video ist more hectic for me than your old videos. It was a bit stressful to watch. I don't know if you intended this or it happend accidentally.

  4. Earthling Ed has a podcast and I suggested he invite you on, if that sounds of interest to you?

  5. These recipes look delicious! I must try them! Thank you.

  6. You should def write a cookbook

  7. PLEASE tell us which frying pan/wok you use to fry the tempeh. I’ve seen it before in your videos, but it hasn’t been mentioned on your website or in the description. Love your videos. Thank you for all that you do ☺️

  8. Scoots McScuttlebutter

    Inspirational *:・゚✧ (❁‿❁) *:・゚✧

  9. I love the recipes! How about breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas for vegan pregnancy?

  10. Vanessa van der Kramer

    Great recipes! I love your vlogs.

  11. Can you freeze the Thai green curry?

  12. ich Liebe deine Inspiration, trank you so mutch

  13. Love love loooove these recipes Sadia. Perfect for a busy mama like myself! I especially love the ramen recipe. Such a better alternative to the Mr. Noodle of my youth!

  14. Masqueradingginger

    Chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

  15. Clernont Augustin

    I love your wor very much, but why do your videos go faster and faster ?

  16. I know this isn't very exotic, but I'd love a chocolate chip cookie recipe. They are my favorite but I haven't found the perfect recipe that is both healthy and the chewy soft texture I love.

  17. Louise C. Gibson

    looks so easy and delicious <3

  18. I'm inspired to attempt to make a sushi roll!

  19. Wow, really good one 🙂 thank you for this inspiration

  20. A small asian (also just personal :-)) tip for noodle meal: it will taste much much better to cook the noodle and other ingredient like Tofu, Miso… in pot for a while. Try it then you will like it, Bon appetite!

  21. I need that teapot!!!

  22. I will be making all of these this week!

  23. Oo I would love an easy strawberry shortcake dessert idea! Yum.

  24. I must try that garlicky potato pizza <3

  25. Daley and Lindsey

    I love your videos so much!! I would love a 5 ingredient dessert video!! Also vlogs!! Your vlogs are incredible!!

  26. Maria Antônia Silva

    i’m not a vegan and atm i’m not determined to be one, but ur my favourite youtuber

  27. how to store roasted veggies plz make a

  28. Tips on making cauliflower pizza crust from scratch?

  29. food goddess!!!

  30. This video came right on time. I’m making my shopping list right now. My husband and I LOVE your recipes!!!!

  31. So many great ideas! Would love a tiramisu recipe for your dessert video.

  32. I am always running out of ideas of what to cook for me and my boyfriend for dinner!
    LOVE your videos! We have your lentil cauliflower curry for dinner almost every week. Can't wait to try those recipes too, it all looks amazing and delicious !!
    Keep up the good work i would be very happy to see more videos of you ! 🙂

  33. Gluten free deserts would be nice 🙂

  34. I'm too lazy even for these meals

  35. Let me correct one thing, that is not Sushi, that is 'Kimbab' which is Korean dish.

  36. Healthy weeknight dinners:https://youtu.be/fwzy435mN9M

  37. Here's me, hating garlic xD

  38. Mmmmmm yum!
    Btw, you need better knives. 🙂

  39. This video is really the best one for me so far! Bacause of the 7 ingrediënts I actually will try these recipes for sure, instead of thinking 'One day, when I've got time'. And self-confidence to do the cooking for that matter. Thank you so much!

  40. Patricia Thomazo

    what a great video! So inspiring! can't wait to try outs the receipes !

  41. Weight Loss Dietitian

    I'm having fun watching! Thank you guys!?

  42. Hooly shit, just discovered this channel and I'm marveled, this was my fastest suscribe ever

  43. Like x10000000! Thank you for this ❤️

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