Dr. Zakir Naik – Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permitted or Prohibited for Mankind Part 21 of 30

Zakir Naik.


  1. talking about craps food u lamers get globalized wth mann

  2. @sonia57591 : When a Magnifying Glass at appropriate angle and distance ,is capable of burning grass , A statue if placed in appropriate place where Energies Intersect , it can give you the energy required . In short , can give you the Blessings..

  3. @nayabinbox :You are welcome!

  4. @truthseeker4720

    Thank you.

  5. @nayabinbox :Long way to go kid . Have patience and know for your self . Coz , Your basics are disturbed . I mean no offence , but still , you need to develope an enquring mind to understand things . You r far away from the truth……

  6. @nayabinbox :No you dont know what r u made off….

  7. @nayabinbox pm me we can discuss

  8. @nayabinbox : Your answer to my question is also an answer to your question . Please answer me straight now…

  9. @truthseeker4720

    i will answer your question in straight,
    first what about answer for my question?

  10. @nayabinbox :Answer me straight , What are you made of??

  11. @nayabinbox : I think you rephrase ur question . "It is not What is Sun as per Vedas" . It should be "What does sun Signify as per Vedas?" . More over , Please understand th true meaning of Science . Sanatana Dharma is the actual name ,not hinduism as you all know it…

  12. @truthseeker4720 Can you can answer in straight

    what is Sun as per Vedas / Hinduism?

    what is Sun as per science

  13. @nayabinbox :Life is as easy as " you eat food and Digest It" . If you analyze the proccess of digestion , it is equally complex . digestion as an activity , does not wait for your permission . It happens naturally . Now this just an example of , how one thing is simple as well as complex .

  14. @nayabinbox :It is equally sad , you've never attempted to understanding my answers in simple ways..

  15. @truthseeker4720

    It is sad that you never answered my questions in straight.

  16. @nayabinbox : It is as good as You say " I agree with Rays that are important , But I disagree with Form" . Look for Non dual principle in every thing . Please google Significance of OM/Aum for better Understanding.Expressing your unconditional love for the divinity with in and out is never questioned . Intent of Worship (Unconditional Love) has to be sacred….

  17. @truthseeker4720

    Do you want to say "AUM" is the reason/creator/manifestation existence of everything?
    I agree Sun is important, but worship i disagree.

  18. @nayabinbox : I have already answered this . AUM is a Primordial Vibration WHICH MANIFESTS EVERY LIVING BEINGS , CREATURES , EARTH , PLANETARY BODIES etc. UNDERSTAND WHAT AUM MEANS……

  19. @clearcutcomments : Religion is Idea of Faith , that changes from time to time . Dont be a fool to follow religion "alone" . Yes it is essential to be religious to inculcate spirituality , or else , its a waste of your precious time. Every human is born free of religion , He dies free from religion . Knowing or unknowingly , you have been following Sanatana Dharma . Yes it is difficult for you to accept though,,

  20. @clearcutcomments :Dear Mr. Clearcutcomments ,Scriptures say many things,People interpret it in different ways , where's ur common sense.Please understand the true knowledge of Scriptures . You achieve nothing by complaining about Rashmibhai Zaveri . He is not the writer of Vedas . He is also a human , prone to errors in understanding. Religion is region specific , Its a decipline that changes from time to time . What remains is spirituality . Please understand.Hinduism is not religion

  21. @sonia57591 : Lord Krishna is not the statue . How can you be so willfully ignorant…

  22. @nayabinbox : AUM is a primordial Vibration which manifests every living beings , creatures , earth , planetary bodies etc. There are many suns in the universe . every sun is as important as It is to our mother earth . Sun occupies a very important position in the circle of worship .

  23. @nayabinbox : I am not questioning you scriptures . Stress has to be on being spiritual . Religion should make a person spiritual , coz that's the main aim of any religion.

  24. @clearcutcomments : Non Veg is not Banned . Please have better understanding . What is good as a choice is mentioned. These are 2 different things . Hindus dont issue fatwa or Ban things like how you do . Stories are facinating , you should look for the essence . Since King Ram went for hunting , Killing Ravana was possible.. Understand this…

  25. @truthseeker4720
    Can i know as per Vedas who created life on earth?
    What is SUN as per Vedas and what is SUN as per your knowledge?

  26. @truthseeker4720
    Holy Quran never said kill the Idol worshippers.Its an ignorant interpretation.
    you said "Every path is sacred unless it is genuine. I believe"
    How will you confirm whether a path is genuine or not ?

  27. @Rakshasa47

    Do you follow Veda's?
    Can i know who wrote Vedas?

  28. @Rakshasa47

    Can you tell me how you believe in both SHIVA and ALLAH ?

  29. @Rakshasa47 ur are great

  30. How many people did Jesus kill? How many people did Buddha kill? How many people did mohammed kill? How many Caravans did Jesus rob? How many Caravans did Buddha rob? How many Caravans did mohammed rob? How many girls did Jesus "pork" How many girls did Buddha "pork" How many girls did mohammed "pork" The so called FALSE 'Prophet' Mohammed was a dirty old PEDOPHILE- old enough to be Aisha's grandfather when he did Mufa'khathat to her –>Thighing of children…you know what iam talking about ?

  31. @farhan86a and I will make a stone kaaba for u in black stone and piss in dat direction from anywhere on the planet …may piss be upon u …wassulaah kata bullah …lund fadullah …lolzzzzzzzz

  32. @zeepak :Hindus are also beings like u all . We are all humans . Feature of Ignorance is in every religion . Hinduism as a religion makes a mention of 3 Gunas (Sattvi , Rajasic , Tamasic) . First is the best for Mankind (Veg) to follow . Kshyatriyas are with more of Rajasic Qualities (Passion) and Tamasic is ignorance/darkness,laziness most of negative tendencies . All humans have these tendencies . Proportions are different . More of Tamasic tendencies are found in ignorant beings. Can explain

  33. @clearcutcomments : Different region has different Climatic conditions . Were ever u stay . it is not anybodies problem . Obstainence from Non veg will help in being pure of thoughts , less agression , healthy and life sustaining . Staying in no mans land is we humans problem . God never said u stay there . Options are with humans . They can have what ever they want . Please don't propogate it is right and is allowed (Non-veg is not condemmed . Only demerits are revealed).

  34. @clearcutcomments : Dear , We never say don't have non-veg . Sacred scriptures says , obstainence from Non veg will help in reducing agression , increasing purity of thoughts leading to righteous actions etc etc , there by leading a life in a sustainable manner , not stimulating your physical being . Earlier , people were not technologically advanced . But now , every country has resources and means to either grow or import vegetables . Being educated does not mean u should be ignorant.

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