Dr. Oz’s 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough

Dr. Oz shows us his 21 Day plant based diet.


  1. 3-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan
    Three whole organic egg tomato and avocado omelet
    Use olive oil in pan
    Coffee or tea: no sugar but whole milk or half and half is OK
    Three hard boiled eggs
    Cup of fruit salad
    Coffee or tea: no sugar but whole milk or half and half is OK
    Greek yogurt 2% fat
    Cup of berries
    Coffee or tea: no sugar but whole milk or half and half is OK
    Big salad with a rainbow of vegetables
    6 to 8 oz. of chicken, fish or meat
    Oil and vinegar type dressing
    Water or unsweetened ice tea
    Big bowl vegetable or chicken soup
    GNU bar
    Water or unsweetened ice tea
    Can of tuna in oil or water
    Whole tomato and ½ avocado cut up
    Water or unsweetened ice tea
    6 to 8 oz salmon
    1 cup of string beans and 1 cup of cauliflower stir-fried in olive oil
    Glass of red wine
    ½ roasted chicken
    1 cup carrots and 1 cup brussel sprouts stir-fried in olive oil
    Glass of white wine
    Beef stew with vegetables (no potato) – good size portion
    Glass of red wine
    Trail mix
    Low sodium beef jerky
    Piece of fruit with a few almonds
    Whole avocado

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  20. So now he likes the vegan way?…its about time….been Vegan since 15 years and I never have a weight problem or health problem of any kind….plus I eat tones of starches, pretty much all day long…lol

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  33. ive no respect for dr. oz after doing research on his ideas and teachings

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  35. To those of you who are data driven and so want to see what decades of peer reviewed research says about the effect of diet on 14 of the 15 leading causes of premature death in countries that eat the Western Diet (e.g. centered on animal foods), check out Dr. Michael Greger's review video.


    Dr. Greger has done hundreds of other shorter (3-5 minute) videos on how diet impacts nearly every aspect of human health. All are from the 10s of thousands of peer reviewed research articles published on nutrition every year around the world. Dr. Greger and his team of 80 researchers read every single paper and then integrate the results of the best and strongest of those papers into a single overarching understanding the effects of what we eat on our health. Here is a link to introductory videos that explain what he does and how he does it.


  36. I like to see Dr. Oz promoting plant based eating. But his messaging is all over the place! One day it is the very real and very powerful health benefits of a whole food plant based diet and then the next day Dr. Oz goes on and on about something like the wonderful health benefits of grass-fed butter. The two messages are completely incompatible with the end result being a completely confused public. So if Dr. Oz is truly serious he will make his message clear and consistent, eat whole plant foods and eliminate (best) or at least greatly reduce the amount of animal foods (better).

    One note on his message here is that he sounds like he is still peddling the totally unfounded "carbs are bad" message when he said to avoid/minimize consumption of starchy foods. That is 180 degrees the wrong advice. Whole starchy foods like whole grains (rice, wheat, quinoa, amaranth, etc.) and tubers (sweet and white potatoes) are terrifically healthy when eaten whole and without all the unhealthy things like cheese, butter, sour cream, and refined oils poured and slathered all over them.

    Also one of the biggest mistakes that those who do a 21-day challenge, like Dr. Oz. is promoting here where people go 100% overnight, is that they don't eat enough calories and end up being terribly unsatisfied and hungry all the time. Discouraged they conclude that they must have a body that "requires" meat and dairy and so go back to their former disease causing diet. The trouble is that by putting such a strong focus on non-starchy (which is to say very low calorie) vegetables Dr. Oz is almost guaranteeing that a significant percentage of the people who try it will be unable to consume enough calories to be satisfied.

    The only way to make sure that you can get enough calories in a manageable volume of food is to include significant amounts of starchy vegetables. So don't fear the tater!

  37. Dr Oz got a little suga after presenting all the food lol

  38. watching this as I'm eating my bean and mushrooms burger with homemade mash. Dr Oz is Amazing!

  39. Hi Dr! A very big hug from Morocco!

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