1. Thanks for watching! Raw food has obviously had a big impact on my life. Let me know about your experience with raw food!! xoxo

  2. Iloveyou mae! I thank God i found you and kate in youtube! So addicted with your videos. Very inspiring

  3. I ate raw for 3 months and lost 20lbs I felt great and needed less sleep. I almost needed to pick up a hobby with all that extra time I found myself with.

  4. What's the nada moo challenge???

  5. I love your video, you are so right there is no reason for everyone to be starving as a raw vegan! I've been vegan for 4 weeks now and I'm loving it! Thanks

  6. karolina Herrera

    hey ! im already plant bassed vegan but want to try raw and loose my 20 lbs weight gain , I never seem to feel full from rice and get bloated after I eat potatoes or rice! what do you recommend for a beginner ? I also get really bloated with apples and watermelon and melons in general

  7. can live w out u singing

  8. Hi! Love your videos! Your so happy and entertaining! You both the Flowers girls are so super positive and inspiring! Where did you get the coconut opening thing from? Thanks

  9. I think I need new friends. 🙂

  10. Abundantlyblessed

    I've been vegan/vegetarian for 3years now and i've decided to slowly transition to raw vegan. My question is how do you handle late night/ middle of the night hunger pangs and what are your food choices?

  11. of course it does. if you get rid of junk food and remove any added sugar its pretty hard to put weight on.

  12. raw food is expensive man, that sucks so bad, f**k !
    that is the only thing stopping many of us enjoying all of the goodness.
    f**k it it just isn't fair.

  13. this was such a motivational boost for me to continue on in my raw food journey. thank you! Its crazy how much more in tune you become with your body and everything just falls into place. Although it has been a crazy journey for me due to it becoming this huge detox i guess my body seriously needed. Its changing my life. I recommend this to anyone!

  14. Great vid!

  15. Theresa Andresen

    I binged a lot the last few days and I feel sooooo disguisting! I think this challenge will take me back to my healthy, plant based diet 🙂
    Thank you for your great video!

  16. Real Family Journey

    Sooo going to give this a whirl! Thanks for the advice. Oh and FYI my little boy was giggling at all the singing. Love it!

  17. I start today 28 raw days because I'll go to Spain 15 days and they don't really have vegan culture

  18. You remind of Dana from the L word!

  19. The Bullet Effect

    Subscribed!! Brilliant…..thanks!!!

  20. I hate raw food. Deeply. I can't stand crunchy food and the flavor of raw food. I can't stomach it, my mouth can't handle it, and my throat can't tale it down. I don't know how people do it. I also cannot drink green juices. I've tried over and over and gag everytime. It's so gross.

  21. ok… Love the message…not crazy about the singing…just saying.

  22. vreselijk

  23. uggh bah

  24. Oh my goodness I remember being this hyper-happy-energetic on raw! Oh to get back to that feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. lol.yusss ur the cats pajamas

  26. You are beautiful

  27. I love doing a raw cleanse every so often! I'm doing another raw diet from July 2nd (the 1st is Canada day, so I'm going to indulge) until July 14th before my best friend's wedding. I want to feel great in my dress! 🙂

  28. Beautiful Mae. I have been vegetarian for 22 years, and vegan for 6. Two years ago I tried a month hclf raw. It was so invigorating and all of my mental illness and body issues vanished. i thought id never go back to cooked…but especially as winter came, i slid back. Now, since June 1st, like you, I am trying another month raw…hoping to extend it! I think I'll join you til July 31st! Thanks for your presence. xo
    I like Kate's videos, too.

  29. stop singging please!!!

  30. I am doing a raw month! I'm so excited ahaha

  31. you so pwetty gawd * thanks for sharing x

  32. Mae! don't project yourself into the future! yes!!! love that you just said that! first time watching you, love you!

  33. Otilia Rachieriu

    omg you're so funny ❤

  34. Not even a full month in, I have my dream body. I love this way of eating <3 even during this stressful and busy time in my life where I barely get any time to sleep, I know eating raw has given me the energy to get through my day or I would not be able to survive this crazy busy time in my life.

  35. I am in! I don't know how long I can go but my record is about 4 days haha.

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