Do Kids Like Vegan Food? | Kids Vs. Food

Vegan food tried by Kids. Watch all People Vs Food Eps: SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE . New Videos 12pm PT on REACT: …


  1. Vegan haters be like:

  2. Vegan done right can be amazing ice cream, burgers, hippeas etc.

  3. 1:24 girl, it's not bacon!!

  4. That reaction though… @0:25

  5. Becky The Epic Nerd


  6. Yes tomatoes in mac and cheesr is ilegle

  7. cashew cheese is actually amazing it's very creamy and flavorful

  8. React to pewds rewind like so they can see

  9. The Asian kid and the brunette girl with the grey shirt that has the word Happy on it (which is ironic) keep complaining. They act very much like all of this is beneath them. The other kids are much more positive, happy and open-minded. It's quite a contrast actually.

  10. Wow the kids are growing wayyy too fast.

  11. Rudy Massami Sakamoto Kawabata

    "It's good because it's vegan"? That was a directional commentary from the producer.


  13. React to grandson!!!!!!

  14. Teens and college kids react to Jojo's old and current songs

  15. I'm gonna say Royel is a vegan skateboarder. He liked all of the food and he talks fast like a skater bro.

  16. I love how open minded they are it’s nice ❤️❤️❤️

  17. You were a veGan now you will beGon!!

  18. OoooooOoo me gremmes vegan

  19. I always enjoy the reactions to food. That cupcake looked delish!

  20. This might be the first video where Royel is not subtitled.

  21. Whos burning the grilled cheeses??

  22. #react have a happy new years

  23. Meet all the way, you can't trust people who doesn't eat animal products.

  24. I’m assuming no one is watching in 2018

  25. If they gotta sub-title you, think about the way you speak.

  26. You should explain why people go vegan

  27. Hey could you react to "Youtube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good" by PewDiePie?

  28. "OoOoo…my GRAndma's VEeeeegann"

  29. "Go vegan" or "not go vegan"
    F*** that mindset and just eat whatever you want and if that something is vegan now and again, good for you!
    I myself aint gonna turn my back on dairy and a good delicious meat dinner when the option presents itself.

  30. we want arabic food i heard is weird

  31. I love Maxim's new hairstyle:D He looks soo cute:D

  32. Royel has grown. My boy gettin bigger.

  33. The kid with the afro legit liked everything. Love that for him.

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