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Christmas is almost here and you’re probably wondering what sort of side dishes you should whip up this year. No Christmas dinner is complete without stuffing.


  1. Could you or have you veganised Salisbury steak?

  2. SO GOOD

  3. delicious delicious

  4. I will most definitely make this for xmas eve!!!

  5. thank you thank you thank you

  6. I love food

  7. Green Is The New Lean

    I wish I could taste this. I guess I will do the next best thing and make it myself.

  8. Can you make a dessert pizza? Sweet instead of savory filled with chocolate instead of chocolate and coconut and caramels and marshmallows and yummy things… I'm hungry and will stop typing now lol but I always wanted to make this and I think it would be delicious 🙂

  9. That looks sooooo delicious!!

  10. gonna make dis

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  12. My mom has a stuffing recipe from her Grandma that we make. It uses no meat in it. All you add is onion, celery, broth and seasoning.

  13. Love it! Not real hard to make, and seems to cook extra fast due to YT magic 😀
    I subscribed and would like to see a Baklava recipe for Christmas.
    If you already have one, maybe just say I do lol and I will go look for it 😉

  14. Is there a way to make it more… bound together? I usually use stock with cornbread and day old bread and butter and it's thicker and denser. Could you do something like that?

  15. MmmmMmmmm!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  16. This would taste amazing with chickpeas in it!

  17. I adore all of your videos! Me and my boyfriend finally decided to go vegan this past thanksgiving and your videos and have helped me so much! One thing that Im really going to miss are thin mint cookies! Trader Joe's has an amazing chocolate mint star cookie that is super similar. I was hoping you could take a crack at making those vegan!!!! Love and kisses from Los Angeles!

  18. Where did you get your top/body suit thing it's so adorable <3

  19. You look really nice with that dark berry leotard sweater/70s-style russet-toned makeup combo. Also, bread stuffing for the holidays rocks! Eff off, carb haters–this is MY time! TFP : )

  20. TREE EMOJI…. because I'm on my laptop ….. LOL. PLEASE MAKE COFFEE CRISP??? Canadian vegan junk foodie… please just do all the vegan chocolate. 😛

  21. I like to add craisins to my stuffing 🙂

  22. Christmas cookie recipe? please!

  23. Don't use aluminium foil anymore! It's so toxic for our body! The metal goes into the food when cooking or storing it. Use ceramic lids or wax paper.

  24. I could literally eat a plate of stuffing with nothing else…its the best

  25. Hehe.

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