DIY Vegan Starbucks Frappuccino Recipes | Easy Summer Treats For Weight Loss | Cruelty Free

Try Fit Tea here: DIY Vegan Starbucks Frappuccino Recipes | Easy Summer Treats For Weight Loss | Cruelty Free CHECKOUT…


  1. 3 almost 4 minute intro….might as well make a separate video of your sponsorship

  2. Who else skipped the entire intro just to find out that the actual video is half as long as the intro

  3. The Pin-Up DarlingTM

    She's so annoying I swear.. all that sponsor stuff got me done already -_-

  4. I am confused how are Oreos vegan do they have diary in them

  5. We get it you love the tea 3 minutes talking about tea like shut up and start the diy like really change the title to about fit tea and 3 diy

  6. can you not talk for 4 minutes

  7. misaki covington

    can u plz try to make ur intro not so long

  8. Such a cool video! 🙂 Keep up the good work 😉 Hugs xoxox

  9. Is her eyebrows like that or what….??

  10. The video legit starts at 3:54

  11. is there any subsitutes for coffee? i dont really like it.

  12. Btw I like ur vids

  13. Can u not talk to much in the begging I'm new and I only watched two videos and noticed u talk a lot

  14. I love starbucks it is like so good

  15. Guys, please don't try fittea. It's not good for young girls to be seeing people "de-toxing" themselves to lose weight. You are beautiful the way you are and you shouldn't ever feel bad about yourself because of people like glamour life fox telling you to lose weight. Glamour, YOU do not need to lose weight either. Stop pushing girls to clean eat just so you can make money off of sponsorships.

  16. thanks but their are certain coffees that I don't like, I'm more into teas.

  17. omg cute idea btw i am a foxer

  18. no disrespect but if you notice that her left eye brow goes up and the other goes down

  19. Flexibility101 Flexi

    Power to the Vegans!


  21. Aweesome! I'm not vegan but this is perfect for vegans.. BUT does this really taste like the actual ones??

  22. The intro was almost 4 mins over half the video make it shorter

  23. Melanie's_crybabies


  24. Great appetite suppressant, no jitters. Am 62, was ill and hadn't been able to walk my five miles at least four Times per week. Gained over 17 pounds in a year. Started this Weight Loss Idealiss pills nearly two months ago. Plus started walking again. Great results. Try it, you'll like the results.

  25. skips over half way through video to get to the main video

  26. big intro

  27. The DIY started at 3:56

  28. Tutorial starts at 3:55 your welcome 🙂

  29. Video starts at 3:56 you're welcome

  30. Daniela Rodríguez

    You'r a Stupid bitch

  31. you talked about that dumb tea for half of the video

  32. hi

  33. Can you do a edible phone case

  34. Mina Omholt Olsen

    Video starts at 3:55

  35. It Looks Good

  36. Kristina Medvedeva

    Half of you videos and say this is not someone is not interested! I bet husky only because of ideas! I'm sorry, boiling. So don't hold your video conversations)

  37. 4:02 video starts here

  38. Look at her likes

  39. btw oreos arent vegan

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