DIY Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwich | Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

These DIY Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sammies are super easy to make and great for a grab-and-go busy weekday breakfast. ✳︎SUBSCRIBE: …


  1. This video came eat the right time. We went to the donut shop yesterday for an egg sandwich not so good, but this is great!! Will be making this today!! I know this is not a makeup channel but your eyelashes look so awesome today I love how they are so uplifted!! More breakfast ideas!!

  2. Love it! Want more videos like this

  3. Charlotte Ligonie

    Hi Dani! Thank you so much for this recipe. It looks delicious and I am super motivated to try this. Please make other videos showing us easy and healthy breakfast ideas. Thank you!!

  4. this was sooo good, loved how easy it was and nutritious at the same time !! keep 'em coming please

  5. Yes please more freezable meals thanks a lot for all you do


    Brilliant thank you x

  7. Danielle du Toit

    Would love to see more recipes for the freezer

  8. Yes – would love to see more easy breakfasts. Love this recipe! Thank you, Dani!

  9. Yes, more grab and go type breakfasts please.

  10. Can you share a recipe for a chocolate souffle?

  11. Hi, can you give a replacement of eggs in this recipe…?
    Like a vegan alternative…?

  12. Yes!! More breakfast ideas!! Thank you!

  13. Love this recipe! More please!!!

  14. Yes, yes, yes! Were these english muffins Ezekiel?

  15. Yes please more easy to go freezer food ideas

  16. what about those who don't like fritatas and such?

  17. Yes please!

  18. Can you do something for people with egg allergies and cannot eat pork.

  19. I made these tis morning and they are so easy to make and they are so delicious.

  20. Sherry Cunningham

    Looks delicious! Must give it a try.

  21. Yum lovely , how can we make this English muffin at home

  22. neha neha alvii

    i lovr ur dishies love from pakistan

  23. Will be making this! Thank you so much. And YES! I would love more easy breakfast recipes.

  24. Yes More More
    Looks Great
    I'm sure they taste great too !

  25. Amazing!!!!!!! Thank you! More of these please

  26. Yes please

  27. Susan Badalucca

    Looks so yummy, yes love more breakfast recipes and as always, thank you Dani!

  28. Yes, yes and yes!!

  29. Patricia Ureña

    Yes PLEASE…

  30. Spinach is my favorite vegetables of them all I love it the way it is

  31. Yes more breakfast ideas please

  32. Amazing ❤ can we have more freezer friendly recipes, please

  33. I’m definitely going to try this and yes give us more breakfast recipes

  34. Wonderful execution Dani. My husband's gonna be so happy when I make these!

  35. Yes more recipes please!!!!!!!!

  36. Alejandro Pineda-Cardenas

    Hello, can you make some vegan friendly recipes? It would be amazing!

  37. Please make a video on breakfast burritos that are freezer friendly! Btw love your intuitive eating series..

  38. I love this recipe! As a side note, I am hard of hearing and I definitely heard "In the meantime, I'm gonna crap 6 eggs into a nice big bowl" at 2:12

  39. Looks so yummy.

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