DISNEY WORLD FOOD DIARY 2018 || Vegetarian

Yummy snacks & meals from my Disney World trip! Connie was attacked by a heron, I met an awkward Piglet… and we ate ALL the FooD in Disney World!


  1. I love how you're able to make iMovie templates look so cute!! uwu

  2. hey hannah will you ever do a meetup? cuz I'd love to meet you!

  3. Love you r videos and your live ryd now

  4. Love your video

  5. I love u soo much, hope I can meet u one day

  6. stardust my musically is kelli forsee

  7. Disney is kinda obsessed with putting those boba balls on everything. Like… EVERYTHING!!! My mouth watered when I saw the mango purée on the cheesecake. The Frushi looked BEAUTIFUL

  8. You ate Kylo Ren! Read description

  9. I never tried flame tree because of outside seating because if this was me I literally would be on the floor stone cold from an anxiety attack from the birds lol

  10. TheNoodleMeetsTheMeatball 2

    It isnt boba. They are called popping pearls and the ones on your salad were dressing

  11. I see you live on musically

  12. Hannah you might remember me My Musical.ly is zø_lexi_kov_

  13. H O L Y Y O U A R E G O R G E O U S W H Y A R E N T Y O U A M O D E L

  14. I like this

  15. Haha to that one person who disliked this video:

    YOU SUCK!!!

  16. Popcornkitty

  17. Hannah shout out me

  18. Excuse me what do you work on?

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