Discussing My Recent Weight-Loss…& How I Lost Weight Without Changing What I Eat

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  1. thank you Kristina

  2. Such a beautiful woman blessed with looks but lost in the world seeking peace and purpose. She wants and needs the love of our Heavenly creator, God. And the only way she and you, will find God is through Jesus His Son. Jesus is the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIFE. You will never find peace or health in any diet. Only Jesus the Son of God and the Son of Man, can save you from perishing. Those who do not believe WILL PERISH after their death here on this earth. Eternal life exists through Jesus Christ. Follow Him and you will live.

  3. Wonderful, thank you Kristina. Needed that. Please make a video on how to make Boundaries. What you have done and how that has helped you.

  4. Hey beautiful Christina!
    Can you please few recipes of date energy balls? With pistachios, another with cashews and few others
    Thank you i trust you

  5. you're amazing

  6. You have become a lean mean vegan machine! You are in love. No wonder you are glowing. You are beautiful and you keep being you.

  7. If anyone believes John Rose is not a great man they are Zionists or profoundly ignorant.

  8. Lotus Consultations

    I don't know if you have a video about this but HOW do you support your lifestyle? I am not saying that being healthy is "expensive"… it a lot cheaper then junk food. I'm talking about TIME. MANAGEMENT. When do you work????????????? How do you fit so much physical activity in with a job and this food thing you're doing? You're very very high energy and I'd love to know how you fit it all together.

  9. Lotus Consultations

    I haven't watched your channel in a WHILE! You look amazing!!!! Oh my gosh!

  10. You look perfect!! I’m sure a lot of the haters are jealous..

  11. Are you still virgin?

  12. People are obsessed with this topic- get a life! You look great Kristina xo


  14. Every time I’ve seen you you’ve always looked great and always improving!!!!

  15. You look beautiful and healthy 🙂

  16. You’re definitely radiating. ☺️

  17. Not to sound negative, but it just amazes me how people will say absolutely nothing to the overweight person stuffing themselves with triple cheeseburgers at wendy's, but a person that's slim living off of plant based foods, they constantly have something to say because they're "worried" about their health. LMAO

  18. Intermittent Fasting is great !

  19. Much more lean now ~ looking great !

  20. Love is in the air …… you look really gorgeous ! Beautiful and radiant ! What ever you are doing lately …. keep on doing it ! You look fantastic ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Haters gonna hate!! You look fantastic and you shouldn't have to explain yourself all the time. Those are just petty, narrow minded people who, no matter what you do, will always be haten. So keep up the good work and live "your best life". Frankly, I love your videos because I always learn something new. God bless you!!

  22. Hola kristina, me alegro que te encuentres mejor con los cambios que has realizado en tu vida. Yo te sigo desde hace mas de siete anos y me da mucha pena ver que haya gente que te critique por doquier en internet. yo pienso que son solo celosos o personas que quieren desprestigiar tu estilo de vida. Gracias por exponerte en publico para que podamos avanzar un poco con tu ejemplo. Besos Carmen

  23. Do you eat bread?

  24. Me and my bestfriend love watching you. You inspire us to eat better

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