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  1. dinner for my hubby n I more recipes please lol

  2. This looks freaking slammin!! Going to make it tonight!

  3. can I cut the chicken into strips instead of bite size pieces

  4. Look good!

  5. I just made this and it was delicious!! Thank you!!

  6. Please keep the Dinner For Two coming.

  7. Please keep the 'Dinner For Two' coming.

  8. made this last night it was yummy, thank you!

  9. Hi Rosie, what is the name of the seasoning salt that you use, I am trying to find that same brand.

  10. you cook like a pro


  12. Looks good.

  13. from*

  14. Looks bomb

  15. Love! I'm trying this Sunday, thanks!

  16. I wished I found ur channel sooner great recipe

  17. Made this for dinner tonight. It was absolutely delish 🙂 

  18. Sadeek Ali Abdullah

    Mouthwatering !!!! Yummy…!!! Very nice and easy demonstration…. thanks…

  19. Looks delicious

  20. can you make peppered steak please

  21. You are so neat, clean and  organized. Everything is perfection in your videos! Keep it up. the food looks delicious!

  22. +I Heart Recipes I made this for dinner and let me tell you it taste so good. I was told I have to make it again.

  23. I made these and it was so delicious but I served my over noodles. Thanks 

  24. Another great recipe Rosie! Thanks. It looks so good!!!!

  25. Looks yummy! 

  26. The color of the chicken makes it looks really delicious! It reminds me of bourbon chicken. Yumm!

  27. honey chilllld, lol your honey chicken and vegetable stir fry looks delish!

  28. TheDominicanbeauty

    I love how simple this channel is. Making this tomm for the hubby! Thanks!

  29. Thank you… going to try it today

  30. I'm eating this now minus the veggies ! And it's so yummy 

  31. I would eat this with either brown rice or Quinoa.

  32. Delightful, Rosie! And as you hinted, it's wide open to whatever veggies you have on hand or whatever strikes you.

    If you're in the mood for a little sauce to soak into that rice, you can toss the raw chicken in a Ziplock with some corn starch, then fry it up, and after the veggies are in, at the last minute, add a cup or so of a combination of chicken stock and soy sauce, and let it thicken for a few minutes..

  33. Id put mine with noodles! OOOO looks good!

  34. that was great.. cant wait to make this..thank you sooo sooo much

  35. Looks fantastic! 

  36. Delicious meal and you can save money to. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Another hit Rosie!!! Why do you use the electric skillet instead of cooking on the stove? Just curious

  38. Your recipes have saved my relationship .. He ain't going nowhere .. Thank u 

  39. This meal will be on the menu for the weekend! Thanks a lot Rosie 🙂 !

  40. This looks so good and I will make this asap.

  41. Easy buy yet tasteful

  42. Another yummilicious meal!!! Love the inexpensive cost! Thanks, Rosie!!!

  43. Yum-O!!!!

  44. Nice combination, great job!!!

  45. Dinner for one big appetite like mine! Love honey chicken!

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