Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – 900 Calories – Full Day Meal Plan For Weight Loss | Skinny Recipes

900 calorie diet full day sample diet plan to lose weight fast, this meal plan give you an idea; what to eat from morning to night to lose weight fast, diet plan for …


  1. Hey guys! sharing a sample full day meal plan and I hope this meal plan will give you an idea how to plan your full day meals. This video is as per the request of +Farida Yeasmin as she wanted to a full day plan with rice. Thanks so much for the request Farida ❤️
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  2. Divya Somashekar

    Hello madam my name is divya i have thyroid i am 75 kg and i can use oat ,flax seeds and chia seeds place tell me madam

  3. Mam can u share were v get the chia seeds plz I meet it &I am in Karnataka

  4. Etna sda banana

  5. is this 900 calories meal plan
    these r very filling recipes

  6. praveena devanga

    Akka can i have paratha at night n rice n dal palak aftrnoon

  7. Weight gain recipes plz

  8. Mje ni lagta k is plan se mera weight loss ho kbhi b nae. Kse or ka ho tau please bataiye ga zarur

  9. I am soing no paratha for 1 weeks to see if I lose weight

  10. Hai mam.. how r's been high time u haven't put any new full day meal plan vedio neither a full day in your vlogs.. eagerly waiting to see..

  11. Hi mam I want ur ph.number

  12. Followed and lost 5 kg in 25 days.

  13. Thanks Nisha.. Wonderful recipes

  14. Can i cook Arhar daal instead of moong daal .as I. Dont like yellow moong daal.

  15. Super mam .. medam adding egg with dinner mam

  16. Mam potato contains fat so how it helps in weight loss i completely avoided potatoes bcoz i had this doubt. Wud b glad if u cud make it clear…

  17. Hai mam, you are showing very nice. I need to lose my weight about 8 kgs, my consun is that I stay in hostel the food will be average. So, can you suggest what food can I eat. Thank you in advance mam. @Skinny Recipes

  18. for dinner you eat rice ? n you use lot of ghee
    is this for weight gain or weight loss ??.

  19. Nice video mam

  20. very precise & good plan as always..thanks for sharing..may I know where did you buy the iron pan from ? any recommendations

  21. V nice, thanks, your voice is like Hema Malini's voice

  22. What about desi ghee..its will not make us gain more weight..

  23. Isse weight loss ka to nai pata par gain jarur hoga mera

  24. I also want to lose weight

  25. According to Ayurveda don't eat ghee with curd

  26. I like the potato roti but as I am diabetic I can’t eat potato it spike my sugar what can use in stead. Thank you. ❤️

  27. Diiner mai rice is it ok???

  28. Hi amma

  29. i like how u add desi ghee.ppl don't understand they need ghee to retain moisture in joints… nothing is better than a home made ghee since its less chemicals

  30. Good one.

  31. Kirti D-Explorer

    Simply wow maam

  32. It may be less calories but it contains high carb..:(

  33. syed imtyaz mnkhan 786

    Mam plz in hindi

  34. Ghee n potato?

  35. Desi ghee is too much lol

  36. Keerthana S 16BBA0115

    Thank you mam

  37. dilrukshi seeman saman kumara

    How to make this folwer

  38. Madam please do thyroid weighloss plan..Which include rice,roti kind of everyday food

  39. Prashantkumar Tandi

    In hindi

  40. Aishwarya Uppala


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