Dhoka'r Dalna Recipe—Noboborsho Special—Bengali Niramish/Vegetarian Recipe

Dhoka’r Dalna Recipe: A typical Bengali niramish (without onion and garlic) delicacy. The word ‘dhoka’ means ‘betrayal’, so this dish is common on days when …


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  2. I like the dish..but why aalu…aalu isme aalu usme…

  3. Shiv Shankar Ash

    This is one of my favorites! I don't even eat it with gravy, just eat them when fried.

  4. Good to have a classic bengali ranna once again. Hope all good people and dhokabaj people will fall and sink into the nice carry.

  5. Anindita Chatterjee

    I never know in which dish it is safe to add sugar.. i once made a tasty soup, but i felt the need to add something.. added sugar and later, the whole soup went down the sink.

  6. Suchismita Mitra

    Khide pache khub…ufff shei puro

  7. Bohudiner opekhhar oboshan holo….jeche dhoka khete cheyechi tomader theke

  8. bal ota 400g jol chilo. keno bhai sotti dekha na

  9. Very nice mam

  10. Superb! Aage kokhono chine badam ba narkol dewa dhoka khaini! Try korbo!!

  11. Jibh e jol asche

  12. Excellent.. bt ami bolbo curry bananor tym a tel a hing ta foron dile mone hoy taste ta r ektu bhalo hoto…

  13. There is no description link for chanan polao. I think by mistake you have given Misti polao

  14. Wondering who have disliked this video

  15. বাঙালিদের এই নিরামিষ concept এ আমি ঠিক fit করতে পারি না! কী দরকার ছিল পেঁয়াজ রসুন মুসুর ডালকে আমিষ বলার!ওহ্ mushroom is also আমিষ in our family! Ohhhhh! আমাদের বাড়িতে বৃহষ্পতিবারে নিরামিষ হয় বলে প্রায়ই ধোকার ডালনা হয়। যদিও বেশির ভাগ সময়ই readymade instant mix দিয়েই হয়। কিন্তু ডাল বেটে রান্নার স্বাদই আলাদা।

  16. Kamalika Mukherjee

    Hi, love your channel. Can you please upload a recipe for the authentic 'plastic chutney' please?

  17. Yummmmm

  18. Mithun Chakraborty

    I need one help from you. The Knife you use is really good one. I searched for it in several location in Kolkata but haven't got it. Can you please give me the address of the shop where you bought it. Oh one small advice instead of using Jharna Ghee you may use local made Ghee of Mortan Brand Ghee. Those are much better. Low quantity but high flavor. There are some vendors who bring Ghee from Nabadwip, search for them.
    Most important part the dish you just shown is really a master piece.

  19. Its like besan ke gatte ke sabzi here in Uttar Pradesh

  20. My mother makes the gravy with chaanch or butter milk instead of tometo. It's tastes awsome. Try it.

  21. Darun

  22. Sweta Chatterjee

    Chicken Do peaja ar Dak bunglow recipe ta dio please

  23. Itz good to see that u people add ur own twist in each and every recipes instead of those same old clichèd recipes..you people are way too innovative..
    But its sad to see that few of them copy paste the same old recipes!

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