Dhaba Style Mix Vegetable Recipe By Food Fusion

A very tasteful and unique Dhaba Style Mix Vegetable recipe for you today #HappyCookingToYou #Knorr Written Recipe: http://bit.ly/2Fgbdb2 Dhabba Style Mix …


  1. yuummmmy

  2. What is the purpose of grinding potatoes to make purée?

  3. Cooking and chatting

    Wonderful presentation

  4. Ihtisham Arshad

    My favourite dish mix veg

  5. Yar much man pani aa jata hai

  6. nt a fan of veges but def wud try dis.ws askin can i add paneer???

  7. Food Fusion Kindly share Authentic Garam Masala recipe.

  8. India me yeh chicken cubes nahi milte.

  9. Very Creative tips, keep it up my dear friend.

  10. Beautiful Sarrees

    Mix vegetable is my favourite food

  11. Mu mein paani aagaya

  12. We are the families of home


  13. Fatema Sidhpurwala

    Yummy…pls kids lunchbox ke liye new veg recipes bataye

  14. Any substitute for knorr cubes?? As it is not halal .. .

  15. Thank you, you added some vege recipe. Kindly do share more.

  16. Hay sabzi to why chicken cube?
    Vegetarian kya krain

  17. Your food fusion app is not working whenever I start it a notification appears that food fusion app is not responding.Please help me


    Very esay and yummi recipe thanks for sharing food fusion

  19. Irsa & Ishmael Cute Sisters

    Always rock FF

  20. These cubes r halal or nt

  21. Badruddin Maskati

    Your utensils are very nice

  22. Sister i have to ask K Bartan kis kis brand K achy hoty hn Qn k apka video mn Bartan mn bht achy hoty hn

  23. So delicious

  24. Plz batae yai bartan kha se milte hai plz kis City se

  25. Great job

  26. Please make 'KHAAM GOSHT ':)

  27. Make more vegetable recipe please and surely I'll try this one ❤

  28. wow very nice
    great job

  29. Aap knorr chicken masala bahot use karte ho. Kya yeh masala HALAL hai.

  30. Asma Rahim Ali Jafri

    More vegetable and healthy recipes please!

  31. Mehzabin Shaikh

    Thank you for this. Waiting for more veg recipes

  32. AGR hm es me phool Gobi na dalna chahen to? Plz repl us!

  33. Are waah! Mje yhi recp chahye th MX veg ki. Thank u food fusion.

  34. Looks so good

  35. Mu main paani aa gia.even im not a big fan of vegetables

  36. Nice

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