DETOX VEGAN SALAD RECIPES ‣‣ quick & easy quinoa recipes

Today we have two detox vegan salad recipes that are perfect for weight loss! If you’re looking to slim down, try one of these hearty and delicious healthy recipes …


  1. I have made the first one! I just replaced the beetroot with tomatoes because l did not have in the house but let me tell you…this is so tasty…if you are a big fan on Cesar salad…this is the vegan version! loved it! You are amazing!

  2. Oh nice! I will go shopping for ingredients to see if i can make it on my own. I order a power bowl at Earl's restaurant that has roasted warm squash, beets, chickpeas, quinoa and avocado! Its my favorite thing to order but I get intimidated when I think about making it.

  3. I’ve been craving salads a lot lately …adding a few recipes now to my recipe calendar

  4. Thank you for making these with oil free dressings.

  5. I love all of these recipes and will be trying them! But I don't like the choice of the word 'detox'. It has such a negative connotation. So unnecessary. They're just healthy salads.

  6. Why is it a "detox" salad? 😀

  7. The Healthy Earth

    Hi, Alyssa..does the chia seeds in the second dressing you made make the dressing get slimy after the dressing sits for a bit if you make it ahead of time? I find once chia seeds are blended they can feel slimy in your mouth. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

  8. I always combine cooked and raw veggies in salads… I find it is MUCH more satisfying this way. I'm just beginning to be able to add new spices to my diet so I'm excited to try these recipes!

  9. Samantha Mahenthiran

    I love salad and I made my own salad yesterday also I would like to try the kale quinoa and Lentil salad.

  10. How many servings does this recipe make? I want to eat this for dinner

  11. I made Quinoa for the first time yesterday. I found it pretty tasty. And easy on the stomach actually. These salads look good.

  12. Yummy thanks so much for this content.

  13. Simplicity! Looks delicious!

  14. Elizabeth Stewart

    She looks a bit like Lizzy from instant family

  15. Healthy salad

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