DETOX TURMERIC LENTIL SOUP | hearty vegan soup recipe



  1. I made it… I loved it!

  2. I just made this! Instead of using almond milk, i did coconut milk and omg it was so good guys!! Thank you so much Alessa <3

  3. Made this soup today for my lunch it’s was super good even my mom approved 🙂

  4. Lentils make your flatulence louder because of the increased pressured gas that your intestines push out

  5. Wow… that’s looked yummy. I’m going to try that. Thank you for sharing

  6. Just made this soup and I am loving it!! Thank you for the recipe and inspiration

  7. Im going to have to try this looks yummy!

  8. Made today lovely especially on cold day 🙂

  9. Thank you I’m making it now with coconut milk.

  10. I just made this and it was so tasty! So much flavor with the seasonings. My doctor has been telling me to eat more veggies and as a meat eater I didn’t think I could do it. Probably the best lentil soup I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for the video!

  11. just made this its delicious. i did sub almond milk for coconut milk. also added thai basil

  12. It was delicious!!! Thanks from Italy

  13. Joderconelusername22

    Just made this soup. It's really delicious!

  14. Do we use unsweetened or regular almond milk??

  15. I made this and it was delicious! My family also really like it! Awesome recipe 🙂

  16. Lentil soup is HUGE in my parents country, we grew up eating it a few times a week. I have never seen it made with celery but I think im gonna try this out thanks girl!!

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