Desi Indian Food in Malaysia with Veggiepaaji

In this epsiode of Malaysia Food Series, Veggiepaaji will explore the Indian Food in Malaysia Check out my Travelling Channel …


  1. Malaysian Food Series Khatam hui. Batana Kaisi Lagi?
    DILLI KI SARDI Episode 01 Coming tomorrow. Excited?
    Comments main Batana Zarur
    Traveling Paaji pe 5-Star Hotels, Luxury Indian Railways, etc
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    Channel subscribe aur share nahi kara toh fatafat kar lo main apse next video main milta hu 🙂

  2. Joyesree Bhattacharya No


  3. Good video

  4. यूएसए food सीरीज कब करोगे

  5. Malaysian .. food series excellent and impressed with your skills to search out pure vegetarian food.

  6. thfurrylittlebastard

    Bhai dilli ka pollution naam ki series banao….saans nahi aa rahi

  7. Yes make of another country video

  8. Zarur dekhaga sir agar aap banaoge toh coutry wali video

  9. Me har week apke new new video dekhane ke liye excited Rehti hu

  10. Ye steel kai glass indication hai south India kai……I like this shape and design and u got it in Malaysia…..wooooo

  11. Yashraj Sinh Rathod


  12. Malaysia jake bhi khana hi kha raha h

  13. 222comment

  14. #_–Hey I want to see Vietnam Food series plsss Make a video on

  15. Hey I want to see Vietnam Food series plsss Make a video on

  16. very nice food

  17. Great vedio

  18. Dubai plzz

  19. The Life In Canada

    Come to Canada Tanmay Bhai.

  20. Food starts at 7:25 lol

  21. In a video of more than 14 mins, went to only one place and first food tasted when about 8 mins were over.
    Would really suggest you cut down the talk and focus on content,.

  22. veggie paaji agli international series russia ki karna kuki waha iskcon mey veg khana milega and maine suna hai waha veg khana ka craze barh raha hai

  23. very nice loved it

  24. Gandhinagar me Aao

  25. Singapore

  26. Bhai Sirf India ma he raho

  27. Like to see uk

  28. Malaysia me swiggy ya uber nai h kya

  29. Pakistan jaav plzzzz pakistani food bht yammmy hotaa h

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