Delicious Weight Loss Recipe 2018 | Raw Vegan Lemon Garlic Ginger Sauce

Raw Vegan Lemon Garlic Ginger Sauce! Delicious Weight Loss FullyRaw Recipe for 2018. If you’re looking to look and feel your best this coming year, try eating this salad 3 times a week for…


  1. Um OK KRISTINA. Spill the tea girl, where did you get your blouse?!

  2. Awesome stuff!!

  3. Can't wait to make this!
    Have tried using chopsticks to eat this with?
    Thank you for the recipe.

  4. Kristina, is it me or is your voice slightly off as far as it synching with your actual face while you speak. As if it is an Infomercial or t.v. show where voice overs were done?

  5. Why does she eat so cringy

  6. Aaaah all the colors so vibrant and you are beautiful inside out, like an indian goddess

  7. All the blenders are good. If you can't afford a expensive one get a cheep one and my juicer only cost me 58 bucks!!! So I'm good!! But for people who can afford expensive I'm happy for them and I'm not jeous! Just start somewhere!

  8. I juice my shakes cause of my ibs

  9. I started veggitain after Thanksgiving 2017 now I've turned vegan!!! Don't even want meat, milk or eggs! I have two raw shakes a day!! And I love them!! Someday I hope to get a betterblender when I come up with the money!! But ha! I'm losing weight!! I really enjoy your utube films christina! You are looking really great! I hope to use a lot of wright and love fruit.! I was a former Atkins dieter which I could not stick to it!!!! But I did lose 90 lbs at one point on it then when you go off you put your wiegh back on!! I'm 58 on Jan 19!! And hope to be a little more healther!! In 2018. I still have ups and downs! I weighed 332 now I wiegh 310! As of midmorning. Been heavy all my life! And it's hard but I'm trying again cause I don't want to die at 60. My mom is 80 Jan 20. And I don't want to die b4 her! So I'm taking action! I walk 5 times a week!!

  10. Can you show us recipes to gain weight please?

  11. You should open a business, I would love to try your meals. I definitely would buy them, don't care how much it cost. Mine never comes out good like yours. Lol

  12. You always make me so hungry!!

  13. I've been vegan for 4 months and 2 days agfo decided to go fully raw because I still don't feel well. Right now, I'm about 80%. But I have a question: why do you think Mother Naruer provided us with beans and grains if they cannot be eaten raw? Not a challenge, just a need to know.

  14. Errands Unlimited

    I have been trying to eat fully raw however many of the recipes I am unable to try because of the nuts. Are there nut substitutes to use in your recipes

  15. Does Kristina have a medical condition to where she is unable to eat cooked food?

  16. It would be nice to see you put up a weight gain recipe? Not everyone want to lose weight.

  17. yes thank you for this video always try to eat clean and I'm hoping this year I would keep my New Year's resolution I'm just wanting to be more physically fit working out or moving every day no matter what at and all year long I enjoy your videos you helped me out so much thank you and have a Happy New year until next time

  18. I love my Vitamix, it's literally LIFE. This was awesome!

  19. Hello! You got me started on this raw vegan journey so thank you! This dressing looks good but isn't it considered high fat? Are you advocating a higher fat raw vegan plan?

  20. Five Star Anarchy music

    Hello Kristina … can you tell where to find those cool bottle looking drinking cups you use ? Is so I’ll be very thankful I’ve been trying online but I haven’t been able to find anything

  21. Yesss! Love that you brought back the old into music!!

  22. Kristina, you are such an inspiration. I have gone vegan and I am working myself to raw vegan status. Continue the good work. God speed.

  23. Huus67209 Huus67209

    Hello I've been watching your videos since the black widow spider episode. I'm vegan but not raw and I have a question. Why haven't you done more videos of lentils? Lentils are my new favorite food and I've seen recipes of lentil salads with sprouted lentils. Are sprouted lentils not vegan?

  24. Charlotte Rempala

    I'm not fully raw or tend to eat fully raw a ton BUT I watch all your videos as your positivity and lifestyle makes me happy and is so inspiring.

  25. Kendra Armstrong

    That salad look so good!!

  26. How do u prepare these noodles ? Pls share the recipe …I really want to add those into my diet ..luv u Kristan ..u r really amazing and great great great ..only some special and great determined mind and hearts can do it ..We all are common personalities running into a seeps rush ..u r special ..great ..salute u dear ..and thanks to share your great and challenging karmaa with us…u r inspiration ..I am going to take a raw vegan challenge from the month of Feb ..I had been trying many times but didn't get good recipes to make it interesting and had been eating lots of fruits and vegies too much results weight gain ..but finding your channel very helpful ..I hope I would be succeed this time bcs of you..thanks dear ..u r sooooooo pretty ..luv u ..God bless.

  27. Hi Kristina. Beautiful video as always. On another note, are you aware that salt is corrosive and detrimental to the human body? Why still promote it? Just curious. Namaste.

  28. Sounds like a yummy dressing. If you are watching calories I would water it down or not use very much unless you are in good shape and can burn it off easily. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Looks delicious. Kristina, what type of camera are you using?

  30. Yeeeeeah babyy

  31. Yum! Thank you!

  32. Morgahn Crawford

    Hi kristina, love your content if you're no longer want your Vitamix blender could i take it off your hands!!!!????

  33. Looks so good!!

  34. "It's about to be delicious," would be a lovely tag line or book title for you K!

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