Delicious 5 Ingredient Vegan Meals

Simple delicious 5 ingredient vegan meals! Jerk cauliflower steaks and kale pesto with chorizo sausages! Hope you guys enjoy the simple recipes this week!


  1. "and i know people will be confused how cauliflower can taste good" man, i love cauliflower 😮 i'm a terrible coo…. okay tbh i'm just extremely lazy. but i really love indian dishes with cauliflower. gobi pakora. alu gobhi. there are tons ( ).

  2. It's official. You are my vegan soul sister. Absolutely love your vibe and meals. Keep up the great work! Please make a video on how to maintain your herbal garden

  3. I made the kale pesto w/vegan (non-soy) chipotle sausage and it was DELICIOUS. Thank you!

  4. Kehinde Oguntoyinbo

    I would love to try your cooking , open a Restaurant! You’re recipes are always bomb!

  5. It's 1 am, I am starving, and broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato are my favourites why do I do this to myself ? Roasted cauliflower is bomb and I have to try the broccoli as well !

  6. will for sure be trying that pesto because i honestly struggle to eat kale loool it’s just not my fave but i know it’s amazing for me

  7. Gordana Kružičević

    I was thinking about going vegan and now I am sure I am going vegan thank you

  8. I just subscribed to your channel. I'm trying to make healthy food choices and your food ALWAYS looks good. What is the brand of the vegan chorizo you used.

  9. Thanks for the recipes. Looks delicious. Liked commented and subscribed

  10. Isn't it easier to marinate cauliflower first?
    Also what is in the jerk marinade. Or where to buy

  11. I know you have such a bright future and you'll get so far, and its so nice to know that were with u on this journey and seeing your channel grow and flourish!!!

  12. Love your channel so much. Honestly wish you were my friend lol

  13. Que The Essential Esthetician Does Dallas

    Love that Teena Marie song! The music on your channel is ALWAYS on pizzoint!!

  14. Im so excited about this channel. I even showed my co-workers. I told them.. See being vegan isn't hard..

  15. I have yet to find a tasty or even decent vegan sausage, I’ll have to give these a try!

  16. Love this video and I'm not even vegan !! I am thinking about going vegan tho just for a while ! What is the name of the vegan sausage ? Also, can you put the recipes in the description box please ?

  17. I want to make all of these! YUM!

  18. Conscious Movie Reviews

    Thanks for being truthful about the taste of the kale pesto with a macaroni. I just made it and it's okay. It really needs more flavor. Something is really missing. I added balsamic vinegar with the cauliflower steaks and it tasted so good together.

    I kept thinking while I was making the steaks is to marinate it overnight. I'll try that next time to see what happens.

  19. where did you purchase that broccoli from? never seen any like that before

  20. My mother in law was kind enough to get us an air fryer for the holidays and I love it, but my go-to oven recipe for fries before then was to cut them nice and small, coat them with seasoning, bake at like 325 (162 C) until they are "cooked" but not necessarily crispy, then crank the oven up to 450 (232 C) for 5-10 minutes. This method actually makes them puff up as if they were deep fried even though I don't use any flour or oil.

  21. Rachel please, are you re-doing your hair? I have to know you've had this style for last 6 months of videos… But it looks good! At first I thought I was going mad but honestly it's getting to me now

  22. Which jerk mix did you use? Love the video xx

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