Delhi ke sabse alag Chole Bhature Indian Street Food at its best

In this video I explore one of the best and most unique chole bhature in Delhi. Chole Bhature as we all know is the most popular Indian Street Food in the capital …


  1. Apko Kaise lage yeh Chole Bhature?

    Kya apne iss combination ke saath kabhi chole khae hai?

    Comments main batao jaldi jaldi.

    Channel subscribe aur share nahi kara toh fatafat kar lo main apse next video main milta hu 🙂

  2. Bhai sita ram diwan Chand pahadganj me kahke dekh bogal k bhul jaoge


    Wah mouth watering

  4. Es se ache wo b desi ghee k amritsar Punjab mai milte hai bhool jaoge je delhi vili

  5. sanghdeep khillare

    this is omg

  6. The best thing I liked about the place he visited was the oil quality they were frying in unless they put new one just for the video usually the oil it’s being fried isn’t as clear and seems like burnt engine oil more like

  7. Nice video

  8. Chhole dekh kar lag raha hain… Uska spiciness agle din pata chalega…

  9. Oil wasn't looking bad like in most of the street food videos it would be black and dirty

  10. supper

  11. Eat less fry.

  12. In YouTube bloger foodi madrchodo ko har jagh food good lagta he aisa nai Ho skta khi ka to test lose hota he pr ye bheanchod feke news dete he

  13. Good effort by you but overpriced.

  14. In chole bhature ko dekh kar man mai ek he word aaya cheeee.

  15. Bhai hum ko to saab say achay lagay aap. Thanks for the lovely videos

  16. 4:06 ye kholte hue tel k bartan ko side me rkhna chahiye aisi jgh Jaha kisi ka haath na lage. Yeah Kitna khatarnak hosakta h unhe andaz nhi. Nuksan inka nhi aate jate Insan ka hoga

  17. Hey buddy nice video, I just wana say one thing where ever you shoot videos, please encourage people not to pack anything in news paper…the paper and ink cause so many health issues…

  18. Please mention price with the items

  19. dhakkan hai cut to karva le

  20. Bro please one time try in tikal nagar Rama choley bhture please try

  21. Dost kabhi Shahdara, choty bazar mein, Loten key choly khana. Sab bhool jaogey…

  22. Location ni pta chal ra

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