Day 92 – I used to get bullied, is my food cold? + Vegan vs Vegetarian



  1. Jolienslifestyle

    Always looking forward to your upload ^^ It's very refreshing that you don't claim that your diet / lifestyle is THE best

  2. Meredith Epperson

    Pineapple juice and Black seed oil will help with respiratory problems.

  3. Ive notice when I don't sleep I get allergy symptoms. So, hydrate, sleep, and steamy showers! Also, wash your sheets and pillows. Give Mia a bath too!

  4. Desiree Bermudez

    Hi! I am a huge fan and love watching your videos. I am a vegetarian borderline vegan. I have been trying and really want to transition to being a full on vegan and shortly after a raw vegan but when I try to I get horrible migraines and feel like I need a big warm meal. What can I do to avoid feeling that way every time I try to adopt the raw vegan diet? What recommendations do you have for someone whose body doesn't react too well to the raw diet?

  5. When you put it that way, why wouldn't anybody like it raw? Lol

  6. When you put it that way, why wouldn't anybody like it raw? Lol

  7. I love your jacket, looks super comfy and I love the color too!

  8. michelle tollett

    Awwww. Mia following you around when she saw the backpacks. My dog does that too – in every room I'm in – even scratches at the bathroom (like I'm going to climb out the window?) – that kind of love is deep and adorable. But then I know that they forget about it at least for a little while while they are having fun…we love Mia!

  9. me encantan tus videos netooooooo


  11. Haha i love the serious face you make after youre done making a joke! Ahhh

  12. Hahahaha if you don't like it raw just put a condom on hahahahah i love this channel

  13. Haha you are such a turd. I love you so darn much. I can't wait to see you each day. Your food is so good, we live you Neto. Hugs.

  14. Brittanie Reeder (BReedStyle)

    Your personality is so great and I think you're such a great guy thanks for posting I enjoy the content !

  15. You said you are not single. When can we meet your significant other?

  16. Oh Man ! You really know how to put food together in a professional
    manner – if you never had culinary schooling you have to be lieing :))

  17. its not cold! its room temperature and delicious!!! Thank you for all the great recipes Neto!! Cant wait to make these squash sandwiches!!!!

  18. Ahhh!! You read my question! Thank you!! The cashew sauce was actually what I was thinking as well so thank you for confirming that! You are amazing! #weloveneto #rawboyrocks

  19. Love you

  20. some raw foodies do eat meat. just because you are raw, it doesn't mean you are vegan. I believe carol alt did a raw cook book that has meat in it. Pretty fucking gross if you ask me but no one did so……..

  21. your laughter totally does it for me

  22. at 14:00 SOOOO FUNNY

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