Day 91 – VEGAN/RAW breakfast ideas, Spicy Marinara + Family vs my Diet.



  1. Hahaha nice breakfast voice over


  3. Breakfast looks great; thanks for sharing. #weloveneto

  4. i'm new to your channel and omg your videos are ADDICTING. I finally found the first vegan Sushi recipe that I LOVE ( from you)

  5. Yes love the breakfast ideas!!

  6. honey ftw 😀 cmon neto you know you want some!

  7. "Even my Grandma and she's old" que loco your one funny man!

  8. Quote of the day…"calm your tits down". Lol makes me laugh bc that is what my husband says…hahaha, not to me though.

  9. Sierra-Legacy Avila

    I think he is adorable too! I can see you on the food network with your own show. you have a winning personality.

  10. dont complain about being in mexico and missing your routine, just enjoy wherever you are and enjoy people around you…

  11. I know you dont weigh yourself, but have your clothes sizes gone down since eating raw??

  12. Thank you for adding in a cooked vegan recipe. I liked seeing the 3 breakfast ideas. In the future I'd love to see a cooked meal every once in a while.

  13. How many times do you think you edit your videos I would love to see your whole video with out edits. Or combine all the edits into one video and make them a musical bloopers. Love your videos either way.

  14. All of your videos are amazing!!

  15. I am slightly (okay a lot) obsessed with you and I talk to my boyfriend about you all the time and he bought me a kitchen aid and spiralizer for christmas bc of how much I talk about your veggie noodles. I want to make him a dinner, but don't want to overwhelm him. What is the best recipe you make for people who are not used to completely raw food?

  16. I look forward to hearing you talk about your blender preference. I'm going to buy one soon and am having trouble deciding.

  17. "and it's taken you more than and hour to spiralize them all" made me laugh hahaha

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