Day 4| Raw Vegan Challenge (I’ve lost so much weight this week) #FitFebruary

My Recipes for the Raw Vegan creamy avocado noodles: The recipe start at 22:13 of the video Hey health family, Thanks for watching! DON’T FORGET to LIKE,SHARE,COMM…


  1. Hey sis , how many ounces is the mason jar you're using here

  2. How did you make your juices?

  3. Im curious. Do you work? Its so hard to fast & workout while working a full time job & being mommy 🙂

  4. Congrats on the loss and THANK YOU for using a reusable straw! Save the planet!

  5. You are so funny and fresh! A huge break from the social media madness and fairness. Thank you for reppin’ us black girls! I’m Nigerian and seeing women who look like me is refreshing

  6. Jennifer Selespara

    Do the dam thing ☺☺☺☺you got this☺☺☺

  7. You always look good but I can tell you've been doing something different because you look a little more awake and your skin looks really nice and glowy (it always does but) good job girl!! ❤

  8. that's how I feel as long as ur eating healthy eat when your hungry i lost so much weight

  9. Fred Rika Simpson

    I'm so serious about this

    and I will be there with you
    so let's get this done ASAP.

  10. Congrats!!

  11. You actually gotta balance it three meals a day is all you need. Research mucoid plaque that a help you lose alot.

  12. Leah Jade Hernandez

    Yayyy good for you girl! I'm so happy I found your channel! Thanks for the motivation!

  13. I want to do it. I always love to eat salad but it has meat in it. It tastes so good. I always buy Southwest salad at McD. Should i stop eat those?

  14. I don’t mean to discourage you but be careful of all of that fruit sugar. There are many people who ended up with candida or yeast overgrowth by having so much fruit on a day to day basis.

  15. Where's your protein?

  16. yes my dinner needs to stay right so that's my challenge. I just followed you girl.

  17. Jeannette Ingram

    Hi Kisha!! I'm a new subbie. I need to start a vegan lifestyle. For health reasons. Your videos is very helpful and hopeful. Thank you!!

  18. melodiouscanopies

    Congrats on the weight loss. Love your hair!

  19. Hi Kish, I came across your channel and decided to watch, enjoyed the video.  I recently transitioned to a Raw Vegan diet myself and my energy levels have gone through the roof.  I feel 100% energized!  I have one question though… you chew your smoothies, from what I read it seems to be beneficial in helping your body to release those pre-digestive enzymes. Basically you won't get a gut boom from the enormous amounts of fruits and veggies your consuming all at once.  Keep up the good work.

    If it is to be, It's up to me.

  20. Dem noodles lookin tasty

  21. So random and not related to food at all… what kind of hair is that in this video. It looks amazing?

  22. Nice I’m doin a raw vegan challenge myself for 21 days !

  23. Your home gym looks awesome! I'm going to try that mulberry smoothie.

  24. Awesome job!

  25. clean eating means washing my food

    Congrats on the weight loss

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