Date Pumpkin Butter – Naturally Sweetened | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe

Veganlovlie Recipes / Date Pumpkin Butter – Vegan : A lightly spiced and naturally sweetened pumpkin butter with dates, no added sugar. Fresh sugar pumpkin …


  1. Veganlovlie | Vegan Fusion-Mauritian Cooking

    ✿ Veganlovlie Recipes / Date Pumpkin Butter – Vegan : A lightly spiced and naturally sweetened pumpkin butter with dates, no added sugar. Fresh sugar pumpkin or pie pumpkin is the ideal choice in this recipe as it has a smoother texture that makes it particularly great for butters, pies and other baked goodies. You may substitute it with canned pumpkin puree.✿ FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE ▶

    — How to deseed tamarind pulp/paste



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  2. So beautiful
    I'm gonna make it.
    I plant organic pumpkins

  3. Thank you. Can't wait to try it out 🙂

  4. I think we can also use sweet potato and apple with date

  5. I am so excited to try the tamarind and date. One thing I have found to make prepping pumpkin and squash easier (and safer) is to slow roast them (whole – with steam vent cuts) in the oven until the meat is fork tender. Once pumpkin is tender, allow to cool and scoop pulp with spoon or scoop. The slow roasting, however, does add another, subtle, layer of flavor to recipes which may or may not be desirable. Love your recipes and vids Tanujah! <3

  6. Can this be made without the dates? I don't want so much natural sugars for my baby!! Thank you 🙂

  7. Geeniuuus!!!

  8. Natasha Johnson

    I just made this today. I didn't have tamarind paste, but LUCKILY had fresh tamarind on hand! I literally peeled the fruit and boiled it until it was all soft and mushy. It really gave this pumpkin butter a kind of raisin-y taste. I will be using this recipe in my pumpkin pie oatmeal.

  9. Your recipes are beautiful and look so good! I can't wait to make them. especially your sweet potato flat bread!

  10. I would like to comment on your kitchen. I like the background,looks so cozy. do you recycle the glass bottles. like that idea.

  11. a p o l i s m s

    New subscriber here! I'm excited to make this. Thanks for creating this video.

  12. I'm so happy I found this channel♡ very talented!

  13. I loved seeing this! It inspires me to make a vid like it tbh. This just looks SO SO SO good!!

  14. Does this need to be refrigerated? How long does it keep? Thanks

  15. In many parts of India, when pumpkin is cooked, we also add raw mango to add tang to the dish.
    This might work here as well.

  16. Devenarain RAMNARAIN

    Délicieux, Je suis vraiment content d'avoir découvert votre site. Comme la plupart de ma famille sont végan donc c'est très intéressant pour nous tous de préparer de nouvel recette. Je vous dis un grand merci au nom de tous les végans en Europe.

  17. your voice is therapy for me ❤ thank you for the yum recipe. Going to make this soon

  18. Going to try this, thank you for sharing!

  19. DELISH! loving this channel 🙂

  20. omgosh yumm! I can't wait for the cookies!

  21. Firstname Lastname

    You're too amazing.

  22. Defrosting some home-made pumpkin puree right now, and will buy dates tomorrow. Cannot wait to make this! Actually gasped in delight at 6:10! The crochet pumpkins are adorable–good luck to the contestants : ) Thanks for posting : )

  23. You're so pretty!

  24. I love watching you guys prepare ingredients, especially when you were peeling that pear. It's so soothing <3

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