Dairy Free Turmeric Milk Recipe For Thyroid PCOS Weight Loss – Vegan Golden Milk Recipe -Haldi Doodh

in this video, I am sharing a dairy free turmeric milk recipe for thyroid, pcos/pcod weight loss. This golden milk is vegan and can be had for those with diabetes. You can have this haldi doodh…


  1. thank you so much Nisa akka I am suffering with pcod and it is very useful for me right now I am drinking turmeric tea and moringa juice and let me try this and thanks lot once again love you loads

  2. Hi nisa I have a doubt can we try turmeric milk with coconut milk.. I am allergic to cow milk..pls reply

  3. what if I don't have almond

  4. Virgin cooconutoil can i use in cinnamon tea or greentea

  5. Can i add 1 cup toned cow milk instead of almond s

  6. Hi Nisa, if I take it before sleep you think almonds will be too heavy at night?

  7. Jugal Kishore Agarwal

    can i add 10 5 grams of coconut oil to it bcz i am having it with coconut oil

  8. Nisha mam..I am drinking everyday the turmeric tea..I can see huge differences..btw I have a question..I do have fresh turmeric.. can I use the fresh turmeric.. if yes..then pls tell me I how extract the turmeric juice..

  9. Hi chechi I have a doubt regular intake of turmeric will not attack with jaundice ??

  10. Love you Ma'am!

  11. Maa'm can i make with fresh ginger and fresh termeric

  12. Hello mam i m a big fan of yours! Please tell me can instead of tumeric powder can we add fresh tumeric juice?

  13. Haiii , very helpful recipe tq , plzzz make almond milk coffee plzzz

  14. Hello Ma'am, can you roughly tell the amount of calories in this milk…Thank you

  15. Mam can I add black dates into this?for extra sweetness

  16. Superb mam

  17. Hi mam once again a wonderful drink.. Thank u so much mam.. Loads of love to u..

  18. One more thing Nisa, I am a huge fan of Ur bajra kicchdi now a days. Is it ok to have bajra in summer?

  19. Mam tnx for awsm video
    ..jst wanted to ask u wen shud i take dis
    Night or morning ..
    Can v have 2 tyms a day

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