Cucumber Spinach Salad : Spinach Salads

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  1. Us will invade your home with all that oil dumb bitch

  2. My Favorite Go To Salad
    4 cups  raw spinach – 28 calories
    ½ avocado – 150 calories
    ½ cup blueberries – 40 calories
    1 tomato – 22 calories
    5 baby carrots – 20 calories
    One car sardines in water- 150 calories
    1 tablespoon Extra virgin Olive Oil – 120 calories
    ½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar –  7 calories
    Total Calories – 477

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  4. Smack A Titty Gang

    Delicious and healthy

  5. Thanks for this delicious salad

  6. Is spinach is raw or boiled

  7. Wow your so talented – How long did it take to get your degree ? lol

  8. The sake looks okay but the amount of utensils and dishes to make one bowl of salad is just gawd.

  9. Bruhhh, 25 grams for olive oil is 100 calories.
    Thats wayy toooo much olive oil for diets.

  10. Thats a good keto salad.

  11. It looks good i will try this

  12. it's a really bad salad.

  13. Loooot of oil!!!

  14. I’m going to go for it today

  15. I added sweet corns into it…and it turned out to be very good.

  16. salad without a chilli. also too much oil. i wouldn't like it.

  17. This was really good. Thank you!!!

  18. This salad looks amazeing and delicious. Please ignore the haters, angry, miserable people w/all of the negative comments. Keep doing you girl!

  19. Can I add croutons?

  20. is that a man?

  21. lol she sounds like a total amateur

  22. I don't see why you need to drown it with olive oil?? It tastes good by itself or if you put some vinaigrette on it lol

  23. Marcelino armuelles gordon


  24. mmm yes good gorgouse salad JB

  25. Is cheese good while controlling diet?

  26. cow cheese is fine? hehe

  27. I tried this and it's soooooo good

  28. more Salad vids please. youre awesome

  29. That's exactly what I'm going to make today! Thank you Lauren!

  30. How many calories does it have.

  31. Can I change Feta Chesse by any others chesse?

  32. love love these dish n1 fan

  33. Love these series!!!

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