A quick and easy, meal prep friendly recipe for some crispy potato spinach balls! Super easy and healthy vegan appetizer recipe! FULL RECIPE: ⭐️USE “EASTER” FOR…


  1. Love your channel,stay bless always

  2. Hello! I just made a vegan food instagram, I am uploading new photos everyday hoping to give someone inspiration! Please take a look and would appreciate a follow 🙂 @ashleysveganfood

  3. naturallybridgit

    I made these a few nights ago and I love them! Great for a quick lazy dinner when they are right out of the freezer!

  4. Touching your hair so close to the food doesn’t look good.

  5. Marshall Walker

    I love your reaction at 6:25 Steezy

  6. Great, I was looking for something like this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!

  7. Lady Harlequinn

    We made these tonight for our dinner! I’d post a photo but don’t know how lol but they look just like they should and the cashew sour cream is so good! Thanks Maddie!

  8. I've just made this, I added to the mixture cashew cream cheese and more onion powder and omg. So delicious and healthy, thank you for this recipe <3

  9. These were excellent! The only thing I would've gone lighter on or taken away was the cumin. It gave it a slight aftertaste. I added sweet corn to the recipe as well. Thanks!

  10. Yummy!!! Must make these!

  11. paolo giacomini

    I have a question, it is: how can you eat without getting fat ?

  12. Mia Klose Food TV

    looks delicious and your cat is cute as always. <3

  13. It is the first dish to see!
    I really want to try it I wish a future cafe or restaurant would be opened ..

  14. Realtin O'Brien

    Can you use tin foil instead of a silicone/baking sheet?

  15. omgggggggg maddie YUM

  16. They look yummy I would just make mine smaller

  17. Danielle Carlisle

    Can't wait to make these

  18. Those look amazing!!!

  19. Kirsten Naturally

    I love how you plated these. And the thumbnail for this looks like a restaurant photo :0 YGG!

  20. Did the 200K come from donations ?
    Do you have jobs ?

  21. these look so delicious!!
    and i´m happy that i finally bought your ebook today!
    Can´t wait to try everything!

  22. Charlene Middlebrooks

    Can you do a recipe using tempeh?

  23. Evolution of Masha

    Wow! Those are definitely going to be made in my house!!!! Such a simple but delicious recipe! I love potatoes!

  24. Totally going to make these…sounds like they'd be great with sweet potato, as well! Thanks for the recipe <3

  25. Is it the same thing to roll them in corn meal or do they have to be corn meal bread crumbs? lol fantastic recipe!

  26. Wow, looks so delicious) Can I cook them without nutritional yeast?

  27. those look so amazing! cant wait to make them!

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