Craziest Indian Food cooking in a village | Indian Vegetarian Cooking Epic Indian Meal Cooking in an Indian village. Indian Vegetarian Recipes are so quick and easy to follow and make delicious meals. Watch Street Food…


  1. Where in INdia Are you from ?

  2. Mooh mein pani a gia yar

  3. plzz necipes apload

  4. May bhi gujrat me rah chuki ho gutrati log sriff payaj ki sabji nahi pakate need some variety

  5. Veg me bhi hare payaj ki jaga kuch or paka liya karo

  6. Wonderful! We love your cooking and also letting us hear the birds! Plz keep up the good work!

  7. Spicy XD

  8. ok, its about time you started cooking variety of things more often, not just onion bhaji.

  9. sometimes remove those glasses, we wanna see your eyes. Do you sleep in your garden during night?

  10. Hello !! I like your videos ( fresh farm veggies, yummy recipes) . Please share more about authentic gujrati recipes, tour of your village . In one of your videos , at the starting you wrote people start from Zero, I started form MINUS. I am holding to this statement very tight, life is tough , you got that right. You are a great inspiration. Looking forward to many yummy recipes from you. Namaste !!

  11. Good morning from Thailand..

  12. Rani Selvi Sundaram

    Indeed very weird food for today

  13. Chulhe ki roti par ghee ya butter jrur lagaya kriye bht jyada teste badh jata h hm bhi apne ganv me ese hi khate h

  14. Very good Cocking

  15. Nice video Nikunj bhai keep it up brother. Jai Garvi Gujarat. Jai Hind.

  16. Amazing camera footage and audio. I’ve been subbed only a few months and a big fan of Indian food
    I like how you cook straight from the land on what you have available..
    True inspiration on cooking with fresh vegetables you have around you
    Really enjoyed the the video . Was hungry just watching

  17. 1tugqaibvom thiabBBQ

    nice video….good quality camera.

  18. 1tugqaibvom thiabBBQ

    i love the natural sound… birds chirping…duck howling… the sound of water…chopping herbs.

  19. All the recipes are identical.

  20. sbjo main bhot garlic ni ho gya sir

  21. ભાઈ વિડીયો તો સરસ બનાવો છો। હું સબકરાબર છું। . પોન બેક ગાઉન્ડ માં જે ચકલા , હોલા અને બીજા જે અવાજ આવે છે તે મ્યૂજિક ને બદલવા વિનંતી છે। અને મને ખબર છે। you can not reply me.. but i am watching your video may be 15 time a week

  22. Its not a variety. Common recipe. Plz make andhra style.and also sweets and non veg.ithems

  23. 1 he sabzi banwana hai kya… Koi or dusri toh try kro.. Wahe green Gallic repat krtr ho

  24. My husband fens of u

  25. Sir ji Tussi Great Ho sorry this Dekh Ke muh mein Pani aa gaya si lajawab chatni Mirchi Wah Ji Wah aa gaya Maza naya naya video download karo Sahab

  26. jamie of india

  27. zaberdast shoukiin

  28. Camera quality is amazing

  29. make non veg recipes

  30. add salt pls

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