COZY VEGAN SOUP RECIPES ‣‣ easy & healthy dinner ideas

Today we have 3 healthy winter breakfast recipes that are cozy, comforting and perfect for a chilly morning! These recipes are healthy, gluten-free and can also …


  1. these looked so good, can't wait to make them!

  2. Potato leek is my fav. I've been going hard on a basic vegetable soup but I'll definitely make all of these! Thank you so much

  3. HealthyGroceryGirl

    Yummmmm I love soups! These all look so great!

  4. Great recipes!! I love cooking and eating soups during winter

  5. Heather Vallentyne Moreau

    thank you!! Just wondering what your pan is?

  6. Those look amazing. Will try this weekend. Any idea of what we can use beside cashews to make this more creamy?

  7. Looking forward to making them. Good natural central heating to keep us all warm during the winter season.

  8. Too bad I just hate the consistency of thick soups … . The recipes for the soups are amazing though, but I think I'm just going to add more water to the pot. And unfortunately no stock (fresh or in carton boxes) available where I live, unless I make my own. Bouillon cubes instead it is!

  9. wow! thanks! I am going to try the carrot one

  10. Fantastic im going to do all these
    Plz more soup recipes x

  11. These all sound absolutely amazing!

  12. Sarah Windmueller

    Omg all these vegan soup recipes look so good!!! That carrot turmeric and ginger soup is healthy and looks amazing to eat when in pain. Like I’m in pain right now. I don’t have the ingredients to make it though.

  13. I'll bet an emersion blender would work even better than a big blender, and less mess! 😉

  14. Just pregnant and I've been struggling with food. Soup seems like a nice idea, even though it's summer over here.

  15. Dead pomegranate soup looks pretty and creamy.

  16. Would you convert these recipies for an instant pot, please. I would also love recipies that are easy instant pot with 17 grams of protein per serving. My nutritionist said that Vegans/GF need at least 17 grams with every meal. Is this the standard?

  17. You’re a goddess. Good job <3

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