Cozy Vegan Pasta Recipes (Quick & Easy)

Here are 2 easy, quick, and cozy vegan pasta recipes you’re going to LOVE! The full recipes for this Avocado Pesto Pasta and Instant Pot Puttanesca are linked …


  1. You should make a why I'm still began video

  2. Hey Caitlin. In light of all the big vegan youtubers coming out as not being vegan, I was wondering if you could make a "why I'm still vegan" Video. I notice that most of the people who are going back to a animal based diet all had still vegan diets to begin with (80/10/10, water fast, juice cleanses, ect) I feel like you are one if the few out there who is actuly promoting a healthy, happy, and "normal" vegan life. I think it will be very beneficial to the community. But I also understand if you want to stay out of the vegan drama. Thanks <3

  3. I've never actually made pesto before but hmmm I might try it

  4. millionDZbabygurl

    i’m still trying to figure out how pasta can be cozy …

  5. I made avocado pesto a week ago and it was really good but I forgot about it in the fridge and I think it went bad. 🙁

  6. Violet: 'Mmmhmm.'
    Olaf: 'What do you want?'
    Violet: 'Uh, dinner is served.'
    ~Olaf stands up.~
    Violet: 'Puttanesca.'
    Olaf, offended: 'What did you call me!?'
    Klaus, confused: 'It's pasta – pasta puttanesca?'

  7. I made the Puttanesca tonight. It was awesome! 🙂

  8. Whatever makes my happiness

    DELICIOUS, i love the penne one, good job

  9. I'm more of a white sauce kind of person!! Lol i love me some cashew alfredo

  10. red sauce!!

  11. I love love love being vegan!

  12. Do you have any good recipes for vegan alfredo sauce? Or even vegan mac and cheese? And spaghetti squash too?

  13. That looks yummy I'm going to make that

  14. RainbowPlantLife

    Avocado and pesto and pasta..I am very much into this combination!

  15. Thank you so much for the recipes!!!! I love vegan food. You look so beautiful in this video btw! 🙂 xx

  16. Where did you get your speckled pottery bowls and plates ?

  17. Nice to see you in your new digs. you look so beautiful. Love the recipes.

  18. Looks yummyyyy especially the second one

  19. Would the first sauce keep in the fridge or would the avocado go brown?

  20. You look different here! Definitely in a good way though

  21. Looks delicious! Can't wait to try.

  22. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Hi Caitlin I like them both. We like to make pasta prima vera

  23. Melissa Khamchanh

    I like the red sauce but I definitely want to try the green sauce cause I love me some avocados!!

  24. How do you have all the money to buy a house?

  25. I like both red and green sauces. I find it very difficult to favor one over the other.

  26. I’m a green person haha.

  27. I see pasta I click!

  28. seriously can't wait to try these 🙂

  29. Green Sauce!!!!

  30. not to be dramatic, but I truly don’t think I could live without pasta.

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