Cozy Vegan Breakfast Ideas for Chill Mornings

Hey 🙂 Check out my recipe ebook! Today I want to share 4 simple yet delicious breakfast ideas. Perfect for cozy winter mornings: …


  1. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is the perfect waffle for moi. As far pancakes, as long as it is cook thoroughly inside and brown on outside, then I am all over it.

  2. Am a vegan too I love this type of food.

  3. I usually really like your videos but these breakfast ideas are not unique, new or creative.. I would like to see something a little different Mina . Take care 🙂

  4. Your cat is so cute!!! Also I have the black salt and it tastes eggy! So weird.

  5. I live for your videos! I'm also a vegan and love cooking and your recipes are sooo good I've tried heaps! I love the roasted pepper pasta btw also you have the best music taste! I always kno the songs you play in your videos and jam out

  6. THAT CAT IS GORGEOUS! Also I love your videos!

  7. i like my waffles light and cruchy

  8. Cäcilia Heidemann

    Just bought your ebook like i said i would 🙂 love seeing you doing great girl <3

  9. Kala means black and Namak means salt… That's black salt actually.


  11. Elisaios-Minos Argyris

    4:03 what? A real life apple??? Thanks but I only put Minecraft apples in my smoothies

  12. I'm Indian and I have literally grown up eating kala namak with Soo many things. You should try sprinkling it on some cut up apples, it's pretty interesting!

  13. for me it was the other way round. my dad hates soft waffles, so we only ever had crispy ones at home. 😀

  14. for me it was the other way round. my dad hates soft waffles, so we only ever had crispy ones at home. 😀

  15. do u make up all these recipes? if yes wow u are so talented and thats a lot of effort

  16. Darauf hab ich gewartet <3

  17. Your kitty looks like my kitty's sibling >___< And crunchy waffles all the way.

  18. DMM Donna's Modification Motivation

    I would just scramble the tofu. It’s the bomb!

  19. You’re cat is sooooo cute! More cat cameos plz!

  20. Krista Noelle Barril

    Those omelette look pretty good! I’ve tried a chickpea omelet recipe in the past and since then I’ve been too scared to try it. What does it taste like to you??

  21. Just bought your e-book, i love it, the recipes look great!

  22. I've been rather into making waffles lately. I hadn't had waffles since going vegan till about a week or so ago!
    Also, have you tried chickpea flour or the omelettes. I find it holds better than tofu. You could also add some to the tofu batter to thicken it up a little so it holds it shape at larger sizes.

  23. Whatever makes my happiness

    That looks insanely delicious

  24. Anyone from Germany here who could tell me where I can buy nutritional yeast?

  25. uuuh thanks! breakfast is usually the time of the day when I have no creative ideas on what to eat and end up making boring old oat meal again lol. thanks so much

  26. That apple pie smoothie and the banana peanut butter waffles looks so delicious and pretty.

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