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  1. thanks for the inspiration ☺️

  2. What lipstick are you wearing?

  3. Can you do a make up routine video or a video with the products you use/ recommend?:)

  4. I loooved the recipes! I found that you cutting your voice so close to the finished word was a little bit distracting though,, I think you overdid it a little bit, but it was amazing anyway!

  5. Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

    LOOKS Delicious!

  6. Is tempeh usually sold in refrigeration next to tofu? I can't find it and thought maybe it's elsewhere in stores like the freezer section or maybe it doesn't need to be in the cold?? I have Wal-Mart and Kroger where I live btw. Thx!

  7. Someone PLEASE explain Tempeh to me?? Grew up a vegetarian but I look for vegan recipes since I don't like eggs personally and my 10 year old prefers vegan AND 13 month old has an egg allergy. 🙁 BUT.. since we don't know meat really.. I'm NOT a fan of mock meat/flavours. Is that what that is?? I love garden burgers,tofu, or Daiya type cheese etc. But not veggie dogs.. imitation stuff.. (Well daughter does.) Hope that makes sense.

  8. woah this looks super good I'm defenitly gonna try them !!

  9. That apple breakfast bowl is exactly what I have been craving for weeks! Now i know what im having for breakfast tomorrow!

  10. Valentina Worldwide

    Can you do recipes with tofu alternatives – like a soy free egg scramble etc ?

  11. I loooooved your Fall videos from last year and loved these recipes. I cant wait to see what else you have for this year!!!

  12. That apple breakfast bowl looks HEAVENLY. Definitely trying that!

  13. That apple thing, sounds so freakin good, i was gonna have banana oats for breakfast, but thinking of making that now

  14. Love that shirt and makeup!

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