counting calories for vegan weight loss

This video is SPECIFICALLY for people who are desiring to lose weight on a vegan diet but still struggling to find what works best for them! My intention is merely …


  1. girl for happiness

    How much did you ate befor you started eating 2500? can you tell me your high and weight in cm/kg?
    btw your eyes are amazing _ so beautiful!

  2. Hi Kate! Can you make a video on alcohol and how quitting drinking alcohol affected you both physically and mentally. ❤️

  3. Please do a video where you count your calories!

  4. I love your honesty!! I love your attitude towards things! Thank you!!

  5. Beauty hair

  6. Do you get Vitamin B group

  7. Good video. As a nutritionist I often don't recommend veganism because of a lot of your points. It is so crucial to look at what you are eating and keep things balanced. I think it can be harder for people to go vegan and not just eat a ton of processed vegan foods and wonder why they don't feel any better. I appreciate your views and opinions and it is nice to see a vegan who seems to be doing the lifestyle in a healthy balanced way.

  8. counting calories is a Good Thing for losing weight. if you are obise and have a big appatite you will learn that you still can eat a lot but the right food for losing weight. helped me. 30 kg down and normal weight now (since 6 Years). calories are calories but the right calories will keep you full

  9. GoodbyeRubyTu3sday

    How can vegetables that are mostly made with cellulose be "super high in nutrients"? Our bodies cannot digest cellulose.

  10. What eyeshadow is the gold one on the center of your lid? It's so pretty!

  11. what do you eat for iron and zinc? i have problem getting those

  12. Tropical fruit is not better or is grown in a much mineral soil, I live in Costa Rica and everything has pesticides, even the fruit.

    Costa Rica largest consumer of pesticides in the world, google it.

  13. Thank you for sharing . . i find myself frustrated with the fact that there are no real vegan youtubers who were actually FAT. Real FAT. like the kind that hangs over your pants. Like the kind the affects vegans and non vegans alike. . I wonder should i make some youtube videos? And how much do you feel your success in this lifestyle is because of the youtube videos you make?

  14. The best vegan weight loss video ever!

  15. I love your videos guys!

  16. Speak To Me Dearly!

    This video has done more for me than you imagine. Thank you!

  17. In "that sugar film" movie, an australian man that eats fresh and unprocessed food begin to eat processed foods considered "healthy" while maintaining the same amount of daily calorie consumption. He rapidly gains weight, with a lot of abdominal fat, demonstrating that calories are not the same depending on which food they come from ! It is a good echo of what you are saying, calories are not the important thing !

  18. I totally agree! Thank you for this video. You are vibrant!!!

  19. it seems simple but at the same time it seems so complicated urhh :/

  20. I like what you are eating in videos. I don't care about a calorie count, just like seeing what people eat in a day.

  21. You're right. There is a " to much". Love this video.

  22. thank you so much for this video! its so helpful to know that i don't have to do what other people do because it works for them. Also gives me a little guidance on the topic of "tracking"

  23. yes to everything you said! thank you, this video just came at the right time for me 🙂

  24. Is your girlfriend vegan?

  25. Thanks for the good vegan diet information, however I cannot subscribe, because of the display of lebsianism on your channel for ex. the intro often comes on with a lesbian kiss.Have you ever considered that your same-sex lifestyle is offensive and sinful to God?( Romans 1:26)Further more, have you considered this is not God's plan for your life?(1 Corinthians 6:9-11) You seem like a sweet girl,but the bible calls lesbianism sin and all the clean food in the world cannot wipe away our sin within only through putting our trust in Jesus Christ can we find forgiveness and redemption.God Bless.

  26. i clicked on your recommended videos a couple minutes ago mainly because you looked like you had an adorable personality and i was right! youre my new favorite youtuber:)

  27. I have to admit, I haven't watched many of your videos. I'm not a follower that will say nice things because I'm obsessed with you lol ***but this video was 100% spot on, thank you for putting it out there. This is exactly what I would tell people when they asked me how I lost 40lbs on my own when I was 18-19. I literally started keeping a mental note of how many calories I was actually eating, and being aware of portions and just found what my specific daily limit was to be healthy. I didn't right them down, just eyeballed my food and was like…alright I'm at about 800 so far. I never measured anything and I wasn't exact but is the best advice you can give. I never stressed about it, kept it casual. Didn't actually change what I ate at all, kept eating the same stuff. Eating and maintaining a healthy weight you are happy with doesn't have to be difficult. I am also a short girl and this literally is how you go about it. We do not need as many calories as our taller friends and family so we have to be slightly more aware. Thanks for sharing. Perfect advice!

  28. Kate can i ask you something

  29. Great video Kate! You're exactly right. 🙂

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