Cost of Street Food Malaysia | Vegetarian Food in Kuala Lumpur

Cost of Street Food Malaysia | Vegetarian Food in Kuala Lumpur Looking for cheap street food or vegetarian food in Malaysia? In this video we share how much …


  1. Thanks for checking out this video.  We by no means consider ourselves foodies, but do like to share how much things cost when traveling.  Also, this video is a little longer than our usual videos.  I guess we wanted to share as much of this experience as we could and show the locals making their amazing food.  If you made it to the end, thank you!

    Here is our video from when we tried Durian at Jalan Alor

    If you have any suggestions for street food in KL or Malaysia tell us and everyone in the comments.

  2. Thats nice. You ask if they have change for rm20. Some people just straight up gave rm50 notes to buy rm2 stuff.

  3. MalayQatar .Street

    Ur face like Hailey Bieber welcome to Malaysia Truly Asia

  4. Kuala Lumpur.. love the food there too especially nasi kandar.. teh tarik yummm and nasi lemak

  5. For vegetarian food, it’s important to mention you want vegetarian food if the place doesn’t state it’s vegetarian. I’m local vegetarian myself.
    Most places will have vegetarian options due to the religious diversity, but sometimes, “no meat” is broadly used, and could still mean there’s non plant based by-products inside. (pork lard if it’s Non-Halal, shrimp paste, chicken stock)

    If you’re ever back again, download the GoVeggie Malaysia App. That shows a lot of 100% vegetarian options. But in general, should you inform if you want vegetarian food, most shops can cater for that, from fancy restaurants to mamaks (they should usually have vegetarian options on the menu from my experience) and even street food.

  6. That is one of the reasons I rarely go to Pasar Malams. The crowds.

  7. Welcome to Kuala Lumpur.malaysia..enjoyyy


    We loved Malaysia. Pleasant surprise. Street food was always an interesting adventure.

  9. Put together the white santan coconut sauce with the sticky rice and mango.

  10. I recognize this place, this is the famous Taman Connaught night market.

  11. I love your tips guys! So glad I found this channel! (:

  12. That did look a busy place but at least you were able to experience the market. The variety of vendors with different types of tasty food.

  13. This is the pasar malam video that you've mentioned!! Really love the different price and currency change, that's really cool! Joaquin is a foodie in this video! That spring roll looks good, I think might be better than the one we had in Jalan Alor. The apom balik is one of Puri's favourite snack. Is rambutan expensive in Australia? Yeaaah that coconut looks really refreshing! Gosh those are some really cute pao! Usually it's just plain white, no designs at all. Love the video guys! Great job David and Elisa, I don't know how you did it, but you've survived the night market with 3 kids, while vlogging, bracing through the busy street and trying out so many different food!

  14. Traveling With The Teavs

    Yumm! We are going to Malaysia in November and we are SO looking forward to the street food!! Btw new to your channel, love it

  15. damn mango sticky rice is the best – I WANT MANGO hahaa, damn that mango looks in season and sweet dave

  16. haha the clanging of the tables – hahaa wait till you do a night market guys – vroom vroom XD clang2 – hehe but its good to see a new VIDEO FROM MY you guys! 😀 love the veggie options in KL

  17. oh woww lots of great foods there…how we miss popiah so much! couldn't find it here in Sydney…Amazing "Pasar Malam" ^^

  18. Tell The Boy's Ash And Amanda Said HEWO

  19. Aniruddha Traveler

    Very nice video dear friend.. Nice to see you again.. Happy traveling.. Enjoy.

  20. Family World Wanderer

    Wow, these street food looks yummy and must taste yummy by looking at your face. And dirt cheap of course. I want to go back to SE ASIA!

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