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  1. bless you! love the video

  2. I love the recipe. I'm gonna try it. Thanks for sharing this awesome video.

  3. This Recipe Is Awesome & thank you for sharing this recipe to your subscribers like me .Have a Nice Day Mai

  4. This was a great video! I'm going to try to make these over the weekend! Any suggestions on what else should I serve with them?

  5. What dipping sauce did you use? Thanks.

  6. . ….☆ ☆ ♫♪..☆ ☆.. very nice food, I try this. thanks for it… has a nice new week / subscription is clear. •*❀ kind regards Peter

  7. @lydzx1992 yes ! They call them Mandu in korean, dumplings in english and gyoza in japan

  8. Great recipe txs so much!

  9. Awesome! Gonna try it this week, thanks allot! :)

  10. awh, this lady is so adorable! lovely looking recipes aswell~

  11. Are these dumplings similar to gyoZa ? 

  12. Thank you for posting vegan/vegetarian recipes [: 

  13. how long did you steam the dumplings for? You are hard to take seriously. 

  14. Great recipe! Thanks!

  15. Itz better you make with pleat

  16. I meant the dumping will b soggy

  17. I think it's better to wring the tofu dry otherwise the tofu will be soggy 

  18. Wow! Thank you so much Mai, Awesome recipe for vegans and vegetarians. I'm a vegan myself and have been waiting for a lovely Asian recipe like this. Thank you again for the vegetarian/vegan options on your channel. Much love.

  19. Tofu is very popular in vegetarian dumplings

  20. omg this looks amazing! yummy! 

  21. Thank you so much!!!

  22. I LOVE the vegetarian recipes you were posting lately!!

  23. We bought the stuff to make these. Can't wait.

  24. Hey Mai…thanks a million for the vegetarian version.. liked it a lot.can we only steam them (for a variation)??

  25. Yummy! This looks lovely Mai & I particularly love the look of the pleated ones. Thank you xo.

  26. Love it

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