Cook With Us! Easy, Vegetarian Meal Ideas!

HI GUYS! I hope you enjoyed cooking with us! HelloFresh is a paid sponsor and provided free product to be featured in this video. Sign up at …


  1. Gonna try this. Thank you for the ideas..

  2. Hey it's Me Carys

    Nikki sounds so much like thru kalieys camera

  3. I also get random rashes like that on my chest and also on my back and arms. I have super sensitive skin and it is not fun… Love your vlogs!!

  4. Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman

    It was fun watching you three cook the meal. I used to do that with my girlfriend.


  6. Please, when you have time continue vlogging ❤️

  7. I love u! You are such a inspiration and r absolutely stunning!

  8. You have house goals honestly

  9. Umm, isn't this your full time job? How do you run out of time? I know you have multiple channels, sing and travel, but most people work 50 hours a week and commute to work.

  10. I get those red rashes too!! I usually get them when I get excited/anxious/stressed/nervous

  11. I'm going to try those ideas with my mom. Thanks!

  12. when you come to iowa for racing you should do a meetup!

  13. Plz make more vlogs

  14. This is me anytime I cook. "What's that ingredient? Is that how you cook it? Is it supposed to look like that?" Haha. Good job!

  15. yuuum !!!

  16. When I get stressed or nervous I get the red spots on my chest. Dun dun dun

  17. honestly I would love a bunch of vlogs just clip by clip with no editing and I think that would be so much easier on you.

  18. is hello fresh similar to blue apron? what's the difference? im honestly curious if there is any/does anyone prefer one over the other??

  19. I get bright rest rashes in my chest and neck!

  20. can you vlog more your so good

  21. loved this video nikki! you guys should do this more often… really enjoyed watching you guys cook together and try out the recipes!

  22. That rash happens to me and i am 10 years old its pretty weird

  23. Is your pinky broken? At 0:49 the tip of it looks broken or crooked, ouch!

  24. Just keep cooking just keep cooking

  25. Nikki do you have a video of small travel items you have to travel? I'm looking for organic natural things to take with me on a trip…do you know of any that you like to use?

  26. I LOVE when you guys cook in the vlogs and main channel :-p

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