Clear Vegetable Soup Recipe | Quick & Healthy Vegetarian Soup Recipe by Shilpi

Vegetarian Soup Recipe is an awesome fat burning vegetable soup recipe.This low calorie soup will help you loose weight and is very healthy.This vegan soup …


  1. delicious.

  2. enrique gallegos

    your very beautiful

  3. BobbyFischer0000

    I literally have this soup once a week. It's so healthy and easy to make. I'm vegan so it's perfect for me! Thanks!

  4. Thanks Shilpi, Looks easy enough for me to try it.

  5. Love it.

  6. i wonder if u have also heard the olive oil is not really meant to be heat highly, bad for health?

  7. can this be put in the fridge and reheated a few days after making it? looks great!

  8. Looks so good

  9. it tastes a lot nicer if you add chilli powder to it also and then blend it all.

  10. This looks so good and delicious! I think I'll make this for my mom and dad sometime! Keep up the good recipes!

  11. Vishal Srivastav

    Wao! Ma'am, that was so quick and looked delicious. Thank you for the reciepes. :)

  12. Can I add water instead

  13. I've been meaning to get more vegetables in my diet, and this'll be a great way to load up on more veggies everyday. Also, your accent is cute.

  14. im a cook and i know soo many recipe's but am always looking for new stuff soo this seemed very healthy and easy i made it right away, i had more veggies in the fridge like pumpkin, turnip and celery, and added just water did not have stock

  15. Thank you for share….

  16. Tried & worked out well. Thanks

  17. how many servings does this soup make?

  18. nice thnx

  19. guess what im eating?

  20. I don't like that chicken stock

  21. please reply

  22. if we don't have broccoli then can I add coliflower?

  23. So what exactly is the liquid you poured Into it? Vegetable stock? What exactly is that? Great video otherwise very simple and informative

  24. What's vegetable stock?

  25. what is vegetables stock ? .. sorry can't understand

  26. Thank you! Yes you have a beautiful voice

  27. No spices at all.

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