Get the Mississippi Vegan cookbook now! I’m putting my bestie Timothy Pakron’s new cookbook through the hot for food test …


  1. I'm really surprised at this recipe. Usually recipes not from Louisiana are bad and break my Cajun heart lol but this works well. The only thing I'd do different is sautee the veggies first and then do the roux. I'd also add tofu probably. Definitely gonna get this cookbook though!

  2. I was wondering how to cook vegan gumbo the other day. Tkank you for the recipe.

  3. giving away ONE recipe of the book isn't the end of the world. Pointless video imo

  4. we love a supportive queen

  5. ThatVeganWhiteGirl

    This looks awesome! I can't wait to get the book and meet you and Timmy tonight at the book launch party! Yay!

  6. Damn that looks so good!

  7. How come you are on YouTube a day earlier than usual? Are you not planning to release a video tomorrow?

  8. Krista Noelle Barril

    I love how personal the cook book is!

  9. What insecure cunts. At least name the ingredients, if not the measurements.

  10. what beans would you recommend to go with this?

  11. You are hilarious

  12. Never had okra before and am scared to eat it if its gross and slimy. I wonder if it can be left out? I preordered the book and it should arrive soon!

  13. I have been making gumbo for about the last 40 years or so. Totally agree with you about the okra, but it does thicken the soup and gumbo doesn’t taste right without it. We turned this into our Christmas Eve tradition so that we weren’t spending a lot of time in the kitchen…gumbo, brown rice and homemade corn bread. My family has always loved it. Although after the first couple years of struggling, I did finally get smart. I purchased a 16 quart stock pot because that’s the only way I know how to make it is in that quantity (keep in mind, I was feeding several teenage boys). Plus everyone then gets to take some of it home to freeze for a later meal.

    p.s. Just ordered his cookbook.

  14. I freaking adore Timmy.

  15. Gosh those 6-8 people better be hungry!


  17. Wow! Thanks so much! The okra from my garden is piling up and I really needed a great vegan gumbo recipe. If you figure out how to pronounce Z'herbes let me know…

  18. Sarah Windmueller

    I’ve never seen okra before. But that looks like a lot ot gumbo! Wow. Amazing. It looks so so so so. So good!

  19. All I was thinking was how I wouldn't want slimy okra and then you cleared that worry. Thanks

  20. I wonder where people got the idea to start putting tomatoes in gumbo??? Lol

  21. Looks great. Yum! I would probably add vegan sausage and hearts of palm marinated somehow with seaweed sheets to give it a seafood type gumbo taste.

  22. Yay! Looks yummy. My book is coming today and I’m so excited! Like you, I’ve never grown up or have eaten southern flavors like this. I can’t wait to explore the recipes and taste them!

  23. Looks so good!

  24. 11:1811:20 Me @ anything Lauren (and now Timothy) does

  25. Lauren, I used to love watching you on New Music Live growing up, so watching your videos as a vegan that cant cook is amazing. Thank you for saving my diet!! I was living off of plain tofu and veggies before this.
    Lots of love from Vancouver!!
    Ps. Your bagel and cream cheese video had me freaking out I miss getting Tim hortons so much

  26. Vegan Wife Hamlett

    What an arm workout!!

  27. I made my dad a gumbo a few weeks ago and he's been calling me every other day to make more

  28. I love gumbo!!! I might have to get this cookbook! New Orleans Native!!!

  29. My favourite ever holiday was to New Orleans (and its a very long trip from the UK) but I have to go follow him for the cooking. The food there is so incredible!

  30. I'm from Alabama so this is really special for me! I love your videos 🙂

  31. yuumm!!

  32. Nice recipe great idea.

  33. Chrisie Lewandowski

    I love his recipes. Can’t wait to get his cookbook!

  34. Aw shit I saw boiled peanuts!!! Getting the cookbook just for that

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