Christmas Vegetarian Recipe: Filo Cracker

Christmas Vegetarian Recipe: Filo Cracker Kaye Adams needs a foolproof recipe for her dinner party at the weekend and Nadia is on hand to help her out with a …


  1. Hahaha Nadia is hilarious pushing kaye out the room to have a word. Hahaha trying to figure out what the annoying thing is. Love you both so much

  2. I'm a drunk so you quit drinking ;/ Learning much here.

  3. i love watching you both..butI have missed the work to yo not do it anymore?

  4. Thanks guys my special Olympics was amazing thank you

  5. Erm where is the finished product??

  6. Loved the joke…..pedantic rantings tomatoes… your videos………………..make me laugh……dont do lol….

  7. kayle lovey hi kayley lewis i am i wach you on youtub

  8. love from kayley lewis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. your gass wine 120

  10. hi kayley lewis

  11. you lot are so damn funny!!!

  12. 1. hugs from my daughter. 2. my son getting a great mark in his tests. 3. good food shopping.

  13. Hi guys need some advice you all doing did U hear about Madonna

  14. This is so funny, Felt sorry for Kaye, Nadia has a passion for cooking, Kaye may interpret it as being annoying lol

  15. you are so refreshingly normal. I think you are so lovely. I hope you have a fantastic new year.

  16. Watching you from Kuwait

  17. fovorite things this morning tea dinner made for work later lots christmas cards !

  18. Utter rubbish

  19. I am loving these daily vlogs! They're getting me through Uni and Work – I look forward to them everyday as do many of my friends, whom I have now introduced the wonders that are Miss Nadia Sawalha and Miss Kaye Adams (the two women that I adore most in the world) I love Julia but these two are the real life Eddy and Patsy! Don't what I'll do when Vlogmas ends :')

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