Chipotle Bean Burrito Recipe

Get the Recipe: Add guacamole and chips to this …


  1. she surely doesn't know how to make a burrito.

  2. good camera for 2010

  3. fuck this lady

  4. Ugh I hate her voice

  5. Sapphire Johnson

    I like this recipe

  6. I want one

  7. Edwin Johansson

    1:57 good job spreading the sourcream

  8. the beans were already cooked. .. but let's cook them again

  9. 0:23 Burr-ee-toes

  10. didn't grill it, soft cold flour tort. shit

  11. jesus christ learn how to roll a damn burrito, you lazy fuck

  12. The laziest way is to open up a can of refried beans and a jar of salsa. Then put 1 line of each on a tortilla and fold it.

  13. Tony, The Stark

    Where the hell did that garlic come from?? It looks horrible!

  14. She buys canned beans, canned tomatoes, ready made tortillas and pre shredded cheese. Hell, she can't even wrap the freaking burrito properly. She better be good at sex or her husband's life sucks.

  15. That garlic is fit for the rubbish bin not a dinner plate

  16. Rice another great additive to beans.

  17. I love chipotle so anything I can make it home when I can not go eat out is great! I like their rice bowls recipe too.

  18. so nice & beautiful !

  19. "how not to roll a burrito"

  20. I''d caution against frying any chilli powder – may as well spray mace in your face!

  21. I wonder if that background of trees peeking through the window like square is real or just a picture of some sort! I really am curious to know! Lol

  22. I dare anyone of you to try and eat a burrito wrapped like that without dropping one bean.

  23. ive never heard anyone pronounce burrito as white as she did

  24. I'm watching this at night starving craving…..

  25. That's a taco…not a burrito.

  26. falcondriver100

    Don't forget air freshener and toilet paper!! 😉

  27. Preminced garlic? Really.

  28. Anders Stig Olesen


  29. The cheese and sour cream ruined it

  30. Looks goood. Lol

  31. I finally know how I was born!

  32. Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  33. can i use some good meat ?:D 😀 taco

  34. Fake burrito smh …..

  35. This is NOT a burrito. Its a rolled taco.

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