these saucy vegan dan dan noodles will get you seriously rethinking chinese take out. And you can customize your fortune cookies with homemade fortunes to …


  1. This video felt like it was playing at 1.10x speed for some reason, like I wanted to slow it down

  2. Lauren, have you done anything with tempeh? Someone in a Facebook food group posted pictures of a bbq tempeh sandwich, and a bbq tofu sandwich. For the 30 yrs I’ve been vegetarian/vegan, I never liked the taste of tofu if it wasn’t in Chinese food, but I recently marinated sliced tofu, then baked it, and it was a total game changer, so I can see myself eating a baked bbq tofu sandwich. But, I’ve read the taste of tempeh is a taste all on its own because it’s fermented. Any chance of doing a bbq tempeh _________________ (you fill in the blank)?

  3. The noodles look amazing. I have to say it too, I miss your old format.

  4. You’re so funny! I hope your eyes aren’t permanently damaged from hot spicy stuff! Loved the fortune cookies.

  5. With the style of your old videos I would watch the entire video even if I knew I didn't want to make the recipe because I loved watching you…. now I find myself skipping through the tutorial speedy part because I'd rather watch you talk/cook/eat!

  6. What I have noticed with a lot of vegan prepacked/readymade foods is they’re so high in fat.

  7. Omg, why do I watch this deliciousness before bed?? I am going to have to forget I ever saw this in order to go to sleep!

  8. Drooooool

  9. Hi Lauren would the fortune cookie batter work bring blended in a Vitamix blender ?

  10. So grateful for your awesome content as always! I just wanted to echo some other comments I see here, in that I miss the old video format 🙂 The voice-over means we miss a lot of your spontaneity and humor while cooking. I hope you'll consider going back to the old way! I'm sure it was more labor intensive though, so I get it.

  11. I feel like I'm the only person saying this but I love the new video format!! I get impatient when I see some youtubers taking ten or more minutes to describe the cooking process instead of just showing us! As always, great recipe 🙂

  12. I was born in the year of the horse.

  13. Francisco De Negri

    I love those fortune cookies. And I actually love that they're not "perfect" as you said. We're waaaay to obsessed with everything being instagram-able! Those are some exotic ingredients tho. Will have to look them up. Awesome vid, as always ! <3

  14. I love this! Question though, I thought dan dan noodles had a spicy peanut sauce? Either way, I can’t wait to try this!

  15. Don't wanna be a downer here but I really do prefer the old video format…

  16. Noooooooodles? Yes please.

  17. January was lonesome! We're happy you're back cleverer than ever! And evevevever! The recipeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Whaaaaaaat?! What?! haven't had them, but I do need to try it! <3 <3 <3 Dan, dan! I just rediscovered how amazing your food is! Happy me! Trying to make some Michelin star chefs understand that Vegan is not lentil soup for the rest of your living days. They actually turn stupid (true story, unfortunately) as soon as somebody voices the word vegan! I cannot BELIEVE that! You are curing some mad food hate over here; making Vegan tribe strong! I feel better already! <3

  18. girl those fortune cookies….

  19. Love this new video format!

  20. Really love these recipes but would add other veg to it like broccoli to the dan dan noodles.

  21. I love you and will always support you and your recipes and your books but I am not digging this new style 🙁 I liked the first video you posted after your hiatus but this one feels just so produced and maybe it's just me but one of my favorite things about your channel is that we get to watch you cook and feel like we're there too. Like I said I'll always watch and support no matter what, but I hope that you are able to find some kind of balance between styles and give us some of your personality again!! ❤️

  22. ^OMG !!! I so needed this today!!! #veganamazingness

  23. Monique Booij-Bergmans

    You look so happy! 🙂

  24. awesome Lauren. thank you. great video quality!

  25. i just eaten dinner and now i'm hungry again 🙂

  26. Going to make this. I have bok choy in the fridge. So excited!!!

  27. OMG this looks AMAZING!!!

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