Chili Recipe – How to Make Vegetarian Chili

Get the recipe for Best Vegetarian Chili in the World at See how to make a …


  1. Lots of canned vegys, I would have preferred to see appreciates use fresh,

  2. You call this vegetarian, but that's enough chili to kill a horse.

  3. I made this and I can't get enough of it! My boyfriend initially griped about it being vegetarian as he thought I couldn't capture the true flavor of chili without the meat, but he ate more of it than I did. I don't think I'll ever cook meat chili with this recipe around. It's hearty enough to be filling, but not so heavy that you can barely move after eating. I can't recommend this recipe enough.

  4. No on the jalapenos lol

  5. Transitioning towards becoming a vegetarian this recipe looks delicious 🙂

  6. The plate the Chilli is served in, where does it come from?

  7. Looking forward to your mom trying the recipe. Please let us know how she likes it.

  8. Hmm. I don't see the need for vegetarian burger crumbles. 3 bean chili is hearty enough! 🙂

  9. you think you got enough peppers in there??? DAYUM!!!

  10. or you could just cook the chili with vegetables not the vegetarian beef

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