Chickpea Curry – 5 Minute Dinner

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  1. I would like it thicker….suggestions

  2. Absolutely bangin dish! Never knew chick peas were so soft!

  3. Why is the stove on turbo?

  4. Tinned Tomato's need at least 15 minutes to cook through, this dish is false advertising

  5. i have been looking for an fast easy curry recipe. Thanks. Hey quick quick questions, you do not peel your ginger before you grate your ginger. I thought I had to. is it not necessary?

  6. Ahhh I thought you were going to cut your hand off there cutting the avocado! Have you never heard of avocado hand? Thanks for the video though 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing , I will cook this for dinner

  8. I took my time making this and it took me 25minutes which is still super fast to make dinner. It was incredibly delicious. Thank you so much for this.


    cant find that book on your site

  10. Love you guys please more delicious cruelty animal free recipes

  11. Jaymansalem 0nesze1os

    How much is it for

  12. No idea what I did wrong. I followed it to the letter but at the end it was so watery and had np taste at all. It was literally not far from water. Had to put a vegetable cube in there and boil off some of the water and then it was OK, but still not fantastic. Will try again and see what happens.

  13. These pair cleary don't have a clue how to cook

  14. 1000th comment!

  15. Looks great. I have to try it

  16. Slaughter Food Creations


  17. The first time I made this I thought it was gross, second time…same feeling. Third time I realised that it's incredibly delicious and noticed that I read the ingredients wrong! I put a tablespoon of each spice! This time I did it correctly and WOW! So yummy! I added potatoes and carrots and served it over a brown rice/ quinoa mixture and my family loved it!

  18. I know it defeats the purpose but can you use beef and the recipe work well still?

  19. Wonderful recipe. I just made this for dinner. Full of flavor in every bite. A quick and delicious meal that I will definitely make in the future. Maybe a weekly staple. Keep the goodness flowing Dudes… Thank you again

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