Chennai South Indian veg food Episode 2

In this food journey i tried exploring exclusive south Indian food varieties in Chennai. All the food joints i visited were high in reference but for one food joint in Burma bazar. You may…


  1. Super_Cool_Guy !

    Mr Bali, sir when will you start your Gujarat tour ?

  2. Piyush Sorathiya

    amazing food journey, harish sir u nailed it today, very diffrent veg dish, totally diffrent dosa variety, keep your good work

  3. Dr.Bharat Bhushan


  4. Amazing food journey sir

  5. Chutya sala non veg

  6. It's good sir but I like none veg food so non veg food journey is best
    but Veg journey is good

  7. Hair cut change bali ji

  8. Roopchandra Dubey

    Bahut badhiya video

  9. aap ab apni video me bhot vahiyaat food explore karte ho

  10. Elai adai looked so tempting….. I'll hunt for this. Actually never had it.

  11. mind-blowing 5 star rating☺

  12. ultimate video sir.

  13. App kaa video achaa tha…aap food key baaremey explain karthey hey oh b khoob, app kaa camera I mean videography nice, especially editing is very good, edit cuts bahooth achaa hey, u knw onething editing key wajey sey aap kaa video dhekney key liey bahooth dil kartha hey, duration long hey tho b edit key sharps cut sey khoob…Keep it up sir,

  14. santosh kumar jayaram

    Its Karnataka…. not Karnatak….. we dont have any state in India called Karnatak…. Kindly correct yourself…..

  15. I am going to chennai on 11th may
    Put adsense on it so that u can earn more money u r doing great

  16. app ka video dekh kar muh me pani a jata he

  17. Sir jaldi video dala kijiye intazar nahi hota h apke video ka

  18. Nice video sir …. plz explore Gujarat food and my city rajkot

  19. good

  20. ple sri ☺

  21. empire chola batura

  22. Good

  23. Sambhar in Karnataka is orange red and in Tamil nadu it's yellow .

  24. Fantastic video

  25. Very different varieties you tried

  26. Elai idali , the one in banana leaf which is steamed , we in maharastra make the same in kokan which is known as patoli during nagpanchami festival , with inside stuff of coconut and jaggery but not jackfruit

  27. swaminathan iyer

    As usual , superb

  28. When will you visit Kolkata?

  29. Atho = chinese bhel .give or take some items .

  30. Watching This video I feel I am in Chennai. THANK YOU SIR

  31. Mast hai

  32. Nice vdo! Good job done!

  33. I always wait for Sunday 9 Am …. Though I get sad when non-veg food episode releases… This video was awesome… I just want to know … Is this is earning enough for your living ….

  34. your way of explanation is just awesome…. enjoyed a lot… ☺️✌️✌️

  35. Harshi Chaudhary

    Much awaited video

  36. Burma food khake phans gaye aur woh bagal me bhi aake baithgaya haahaha so jyada kuch nahi bol paye

  37. maza aa gya

  38. A wow video Bali sir… Your honest reviews steal the thunder… The love for food is always visible on your face when you explain a dish…

  39. Himanshu Sachdeva

    Sir just a suggestion.. since its summers.. make a customized video for summers special.. for drinks ,mocktails, ice creams, shakes as well some food.. and a different title.. ull definitely get views not only from ur viewers but also from one's who are not ur subscribers..

  40. Thank you for another wonderful video. Good luck in your future journeys, please consider exploring more parts of Delhi!

  41. Good show sir
    Where r us going next

  42. Why sunday comes only once in a week..

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